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Jan 17, 2001 Ashcroft Further Undermines Integrity Claims by Misrepresenting Facts on Desegregation Case
May 13, 2004 Ashcroft on Brown vs. Board: Praise in Words, Not Deeds
Dec 6, 2001 Ashcroft Resorts to the Politics of Intimidation to Silence Critics
Nov 9, 2004 Ashcroft Tenure as Attorney General Among the Most Destructive in Modern Era
Jan 5, 2001 Ashcroft's Record Too Extreme for Justice
Nov 15, 2001 Ashcroft’s Relentless Assault On Civil Liberties
Dec 9, 2006 Attacks on Muslim Congressman-Elect’s Faith Undermine Religious Freedom
Mar 16, 2006 Attorney General Gonzales Fails Civil Rights Test, Voters Displaced By Katrina
Mar 13, 2007 Attorney General Gonzales Should Resign or Be Removed from Office
Sep 6, 2001 Attorney General John Ashcroft Installs Right-Wing "Dream Team" At Justice Department
Dec 1, 2006 Audit an Exercise in Futility; Revote Only Remedy for Sarasota Voters, Mitchell Says
Nov 13, 2002 Authors, Artists, Entertainers, Thinkers to Celebrate Free Speech In Face of Efforts to Squelch Dissent
Jan 30, 2002 Award-Winning Poet And Performance Artist Sarah Jones Sues Federal Communications Commission
Oct 2, 2002 Award-Winning Poet Sarah Jones Appeals Procedural Dismissal of Censorship Suit Against FCC
Aug 28, 2002 Back to School with the Religious Right
Feb 17, 2011 Backlash Against SD Anti-Choice Bill Proves Voters Want Jobs, Not Attacks on Women
Dec 4, 2001 BAEO: Community Voice Or Captive Of The Right?
Dec 5, 2006 Balancing DC Representation, Utah OKs New Congressional Map
Dec 21, 2010 Barbour Apologizes, but the Troubling Impact of His Words Remains
Dec 16, 2011 Before Going Home for the Holidays, Senate Should Confirm Pending Judicial Nominees
Apr 5, 2007 Big Step Forward for Voting Rights in Florida
Jun 25, 2008 Big Win for Exxon at the Supreme Court
Sep 30, 2005 Bill Bennett Needs to Learn There's No Virtue in Racially Insulting Comments
Jul 16, 2003 Bill Pryor’s Confirmation Hearing Confirms His Extremism
Oct 12, 2001 Bipartisan Anti-Terrorism Bill Abandoned in House, Civil Liberties Protections Sacrificed to Administration Pressure
Nov 22, 2005 Bipartisan DREAM Act Reintroduced in Senate
Aug 5, 2009 Bipartisan Employment Non-Discrimination Act Introduced in the Senate
Oct 4, 2010 Bipartisan Group of Former Attorneys General and Law Professors Call on Congress to Examine Constitutional Amendment To Reverse Citizens United
Jun 13, 2007 Bipartisan Group of Senators OKs DC Voting Rights Act in Committee
Oct 6, 2005 Bipartisan Senate Rejects Bush Torture Policy
Sep 21, 2009 Bishop Harry Jackson Worried That Right Wing Racism Hurts His Anti-Gay Crusade
Jul 26, 2006 Blackwell Equates Gays with Arsonists, Kleptomaniacs
Aug 22, 2006 Blinding Flash Accepted at West Chester Film Festival
May 24, 2013 Blockbuster Decisions Coming Soon from the Supreme Court . . .Will Conservative Justices Twist the Constitution to Subvert Equal Protection?
Jun 7, 2002 Boyd Makes it Official: Justice Department Abandons Responsibility for Investigating, Addressing Illegal Voter Purges, Voter Registration Problems In Florida
Apr 20, 2005 Boyle Testimony Confirms Opponents’ Fears
Aug 17, 2009 Brief Highlights Need for DOMA Repeal
Jan 15, 2008 Bush Administration Demagogues FISA Debate
Jul 11, 2005 Bush Administration Manipulates Lincoln Memorial Video at Behest of Far Right
Oct 12, 2005 Bush Administration Shares Right’s Hypocrisy on Religion and Judicial Nominations
Aug 5, 2005 Bush Administration Stonewalls Senate: Won't Release John Roberts Records
Oct 29, 2004 Bush Administration Tries to Silence NAACP
Aug 16, 2001 Bush Administration Views First Amendment As 'Barrier'
Jan 17, 2007 Bush Adminstration Implies Return to FISA, But Isn't Yet in the Clear
Dec 12, 2002 Bush Authorizes Public Funding of Religious Discrimination
Jan 8, 2003 Bush Chooses Confrontation Over Consultation, Cooperation
Dec 17, 2003 Bush Claims Mantle of Tolerance While Supporting Constitutional Requirement of Harmful Discrimination
Sep 28, 2006 Bush Judges Confirm Opponents' Fears
Jun 13, 2002 Bush Lauds Southern Baptist Convention After SBC Leader Denounces Religious Pluralism, Islam
Feb 3, 2005 Bush Loyalist Confirmed as Attorney General Despite Deeply Disturbing Record on Law, Rights
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