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Format: 2017-01-17
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May 24, 2013 Blockbuster Decisions Coming Soon from the Supreme Court . . .Will Conservative Justices Twist the Constitution to Subvert Equal Protection?
Sep 25, 2015 Boehner Tried to Lead the Party of Reagan, Got Fired by the Party of Trump
Jun 7, 2002 Boyd Makes it Official: Justice Department Abandons Responsibility for Investigating, Addressing Illegal Voter Purges, Voter Registration Problems In Florida
Apr 20, 2005 Boyle Testimony Confirms Opponents’ Fears
Aug 17, 2009 Brief Highlights Need for DOMA Repeal
Jan 15, 2008 Bush Administration Demagogues FISA Debate
Jul 11, 2005 Bush Administration Manipulates Lincoln Memorial Video at Behest of Far Right
Oct 12, 2005 Bush Administration Shares Right’s Hypocrisy on Religion and Judicial Nominations
Aug 5, 2005 Bush Administration Stonewalls Senate: Won't Release John Roberts Records
Oct 29, 2004 Bush Administration Tries to Silence NAACP
Aug 16, 2001 Bush Administration Views First Amendment As 'Barrier'
Jan 17, 2007 Bush Adminstration Implies Return to FISA, But Isn't Yet in the Clear
Dec 12, 2002 Bush Authorizes Public Funding of Religious Discrimination
Jan 8, 2003 Bush Chooses Confrontation Over Consultation, Cooperation
Dec 17, 2003 Bush Claims Mantle of Tolerance While Supporting Constitutional Requirement of Harmful Discrimination
Sep 28, 2006 Bush Judges Confirm Opponents' Fears
Jun 13, 2002 Bush Lauds Southern Baptist Convention After SBC Leader Denounces Religious Pluralism, Islam
Feb 3, 2005 Bush Loyalist Confirmed as Attorney General Despite Deeply Disturbing Record on Law, Rights
Jul 7, 2004 Bush Photo Ops on Courts Miss the Real Picture
Jan 30, 2001 Bush Plan to Fund Religious Groups Endangers First Amendment, Could Endorse Job Discrimination, Group Warns
Feb 24, 2004 Bush Plays Destructive And Divisive Politics With Constitution
Oct 31, 2005 Bush Puts Demands of Far-Right above Interests of Americans with High Court Nomination of Right-Wing Activist Alito
Feb 14, 2005 Bush Re-Submits Ultra-Conservative Nominees; PFAW Releases Nominee-by-Nominee Summary
Sep 9, 2000 Bush Running Mate Dick Cheney's Congressional Voting Record Emphatically Far-Right
May 9, 2003 Bush Statement on Judges Demonstrates "Orwellian Doublespeak"
Feb 6, 2003 Bush Tax and Budget Plans: Radical and Irresponsible
Jul 18, 2006 Bush Threat to Veto Stem Cell Research Highlights Danger of Religious Right's War on Science
Feb 6, 2007 Bush Triples Usual Request for More Private School Voucher Money
Jul 26, 2005 Bush Uses Smoke and Mirrors to Obscure Roberts Record
Jan 29, 2008 Bush's Voucher Proposal Would Further Weaken Struggling Public Schools
Dec 17, 2002 Bush, Lott, and Ashcroft: Shared Agendas Threaten Civil Rights Gains
Mar 21, 2013 Bush’s Court: How the D.C. Circuit Threatens the Future of Progressive Reform
Oct 18, 2006 Businesses Sue Riverside Over Vague, Discriminatory Anti-Immigrant Ordinance
Jun 17, 2010 California Judge Hears Closing Arguments in Prop 8 Trial
Sep 7, 2005 California Legislature Passes Equal Marriage Bill
Jun 2, 2008 California State University and People For the American Way Foundation Reach Agreement in Fullerton Lecturer Case
May 15, 2008 California Supreme Court Supports Marriage For All Citizens
Oct 19, 2001 California Takes Two Steps Forward
Aug 3, 2006 Candidate for Georgia Attorney General Compares Gay Teenagers to Pedophiles
Dec 14, 2011 Cardin and Schumer Introduce Anti-Voter Suppression Bill; PFAWF Urges Quick Passage
May 8, 2003 Carolyn Kuhl Nomination Narrowly Sent to Senate Floor
Mar 31, 2003 Carolyn Kuhl: Blocking the Path to Justice
Aug 17, 2001 CBS Decision to Drop Episodes Raises Concerns
Dec 17, 2003 Celebrating Community, Faith and Civic Participation
Feb 11, 2016 Celebrities Release Open Letter to Latino Community Targeting GOP Presidential Candidates’ Anti-Immigrant Fear-Mongering
Jul 18, 2008 Census Bureau’s Own Research Staff Demonstrated That Airbrushing Out Same-Sex Marriages Distorts Data
Dec 18, 2001 Certification Of Signatures For Anti-Gay Ballot Measure "Far From The Final Word"
Feb 7, 2002 Charles Pickering’s Record On Civil Rights, Other Key Issues Calls For Rejection By Senate Judiciary Committee
Feb 6, 2008 Checks and Balances Still Intact -- Even During Breakfast
Sep 9, 2005 Chilling "Enemy Combatant" Ruling
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