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Format: 2016-09-30
Format: 2016-09-30
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Nov 5, 2015 Over 25,000 Call on Cruz, Huckabee, Jindal & GOP to Renounce Kevin Swanson
Dec 8, 2015 Over 100 Young Elected Officials Call for Clean Energy Reforms
Sep 17, 2009 Outside Religious Right Groups Targeting Marriage Equality in Maine With a Prop 8-Style Campaign Based on Lies and Big Money
Feb 15, 2011 Organizations Call on Senate Leaders to Keep Confirmations Moving
Feb 21, 2010 OPR Report Slams Bush Office of Legal Counsel
Sep 4, 2014 One Million Americans Submit Comments to the SEC on Corporate Political Spending
Jun 24, 2005 On the Eve of an Expected Supreme Court Vacancy
Sep 4, 2005 On the Death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist
Sep 4, 2005 On the Death of Chief Justice William Rehnquist
Jan 21, 2014 On Fourth Anniversary of Citizens United, PFAW Celebrates Growing Movement for Amendment
Jan 20, 2015 On Eve of Fifth Anniversary of Citizens United, Advocates Reach 5 Million Signatures Calling to Overturn Decision
Jan 21, 2016 On Citizens United Anniversary, PFAW Calls on President Obama to Issue Executive Order on Secret Money in Politics
Oct 2, 2013 On Argument of McCutcheon v. FEC, Democracy Groups Call for Constitutional Amendment
May 3, 2006 Ohio Republicans Nominate Radical Right-Wing Candidate for Governor
Aug 16, 2012 Ohio Ministers: New Early Voting Rule Hurts Everyone Equally
Nov 9, 2012 Ohio Ministers to Husted: Every Vote Must Be Counted
Sep 29, 2014 Ohio Ministers Speak Out Against SCOTUS Order to Block Early Voting
Oct 16, 2012 Ohio Ministers Celebrate Supreme Court’s Upholding of Early Voting Rights
Sep 23, 2016 Ohio Minister Denounces Trump County Chair Kathy Miller
Jan 18, 2012 Ohio Groups Meet with White House to Discuss Deepening Crisis in the Courts, Judicial Nominations
Feb 21, 2014 Ohio Faith Leaders Speak Out Against Restrictive Voting Laws
Mar 8, 2012 Ohio Coalition for Constitutional Values Calls for Prompt Senate Vote on Helmick Nomination
Dec 13, 2005 OH Senate Says 'Yes' to Faulty Election Reform Bill
Oct 2, 2008 OH Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
Jun 23, 2008 Obama Talks SCOTUS and Women
Oct 28, 2009 Obama Signs Hate Crimes Legislation into Law
Feb 5, 2009 Obama Should Stick to Constitutional Principles on Faith Based Programs
Jan 21, 2010 Obama Renominates Dawn Johnsen for OLC
Nov 7, 2012 Obama Reelection a Mandate for Strong, Fair Supreme Court Picks
Jan 31, 2007 Obama Legislation Would Protect Voting Rights
May 1, 2009 Obama Has Historic Opportunity to Establish Legacy of Justice
Mar 13, 2009 Obama Drops "Enemy Combatant" Designation
Mar 31, 2009 Obama Chooses Anti-Gay Activist for White House Role
Jul 1, 2005 O'Connor Resignation a Critical Moment for Constitution, Crucial Test for President Bush and Senate
Apr 21, 2005 Nuclear Countdown: Committee Vote on Previously Rejected Nominees Brings Senate One Step Closer to Frist's Fiasco
Sep 13, 2006 NSA Whitewash Passes Judiciary Committee on Party-Line Vote
Aug 2, 2012 Not Business as Usual: Senate Confirms One Long-Delayed District Court Nominee, Leaves Another 18 Hanging
Oct 17, 2011 North Carolina Voters Reject Resegregation; African American Ministers Applaud Commitment to Diversity
Dec 2, 2015 North Carolina Nonprofit Exec Produces Animated Video to Raise Awareness About Big Money in Politics
Sep 15, 2004 Nonpartisan Voter Reg Group Sues Homeland Security, City of Miami Beach over Denial of Access to New Citizens
Apr 18, 2005 Nominees Brown and Owen Pushed toward Senate Vote despite Records of Putting Political Agenda before Law
Jun 9, 2009 Nomination on Track, Sotomayor Hearings Set to Begin July 13th
Apr 30, 2009 NOM Board Member Advocates Criminalization of Homosexuality, Overthrow of Government
Oct 2, 2008 NM Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
Feb 29, 2016 NH Voters Call on Sen. Ayotte to Give Fair Consideration on Supreme Court Nominee
Mar 21, 2016 NH Voters Call on Sen. Ayotte to End Supreme Court Obstruction
Jul 6, 2006 New York’s Highest Court Allows Continued Marriage Discrimination
Dec 17, 2002 New York Lawmakers Approve Gay Rights Bill
Oct 22, 2010 New Web Video: Pat Toomey in His Own Words
Oct 22, 2010 New Web Video: Ken Buck in His Own Words
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