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Mar 25, 2004 Free Speech Victory In Virginia Internet Case
Jul 17, 2001 Free Speech Gets Burned In House Flag Vote
Apr 19, 2004 Free Speech Challenge to Vast New FCC Restrictions Filed
Aug 16, 2006 Fraudulent Signatures Knock Anti-Gay Initiative Off Cincinnati Ballot
Nov 22, 2005 Fox News Blocks Anti-Alito Ad
Jul 23, 2008 Fourth Circuit Upholds Fredericksburg, VA City Council Policy Requiring That Legislative Prayer be Non-sectarian
Oct 29, 2002 Fourth Circuit Considers Arguments in Appeal of Judge's Ruling Striking Down Virginia Internet Law
Jun 15, 2016 Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, Civil Rights Leader Dolores Huerta Join PFAW for ‘Donald Trump’s Year of Hate’ Launch
Oct 5, 2010 Foreign Funded Chamber of Commerce Pours Money into U.S. Elections
Jun 3, 2014 For Money in Politics Senate Hearing, PFAW and Allies Deliver Two Million Petitions Calling for Constitutional Amendment
Apr 22, 2016 For Earth Day, Young Elected Officials Network Releases Statement in Support of the Clean Power Plan
Mar 6, 2003 Florida's Disability Voucher Program Fails to Protect Interests of Students, Parents and Taxpayers
Dec 12, 2006 Florida's 13th District Debacle Requires a Re-Vote in Sarasota Today and National Reform Tomorrow
Feb 8, 2001 Florida Voucher Bill is Unsound
Sep 4, 2002 Florida Voting Rights Lawsuit Ends in Settlement
Jan 5, 2006 Florida Supreme Court Rules Vouchers Unconstitutional
Sep 3, 2008 Florida Supreme Court Removes Voucher Amendments from Ballot
Sep 13, 2002 Florida Supreme Court Rebukes Price-Tag Law
Apr 25, 2002 Florida Supreme Court Ok’s Class-Size Initiative
Apr 14, 2010 Florida Special Election Shows Strength of Opposition to Citizens United
Nov 26, 2012 Florida Pastors ‘Appalled but not Surprised’ by Report that Voter Suppression Measures Intended to Target African Americans
May 4, 2004 Florida Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
May 10, 2004 Florida Felon Purge: Here We Go Again
Jul 1, 2004 Florida Felon Purge List Made Public
Dec 21, 2006 Florida Elections Officials Attempt to Blame Voters for Mismanaged Election
Aug 16, 2004 Florida Court Rules Voucher Law Unconstitutional
Mar 26, 2008 Florida Commission Takes Steps to Undermine Church-State Wall
Jun 27, 2002 Florida Ad Campaign Calls On Gov. Jeb Bush to Support Class Size Reduction Initiative
Jan 13, 2000 Florida "Bible History" Courses Violate Constitution, New Investigation Reveals
May 19, 2011 Flashback: GOP Senators Claim Filibusters of Judicial Nominees are Unconstitutional
Jun 3, 2003 Flag Desecration Amendment: Making Dissent a Criminal Act
Jun 22, 2005 Flag Amendment Passes in the House, Free Speech Takes Back Seat to Politics
Jul 10, 2012 Five Major Corporations Ditch ALEC
Dec 22, 2005 First-Ever National Private School Voucher Program Sent to President’s Desk
Feb 25, 2003 First Amendment Victory: FCC Backs Down in Sarah Jones Case
Sep 2, 2015 First $1,000 Weekly Winner Announced in Video Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
May 9, 2008 Fired Teacher Calls on Calif State University to Change "Loyalty Oath" Policy
Oct 9, 2009 Final Hate Crimes Legislation Passes House
Mar 6, 2003 Filibuster Sustained! Democrats Hold the Line
Jul 16, 2014 Filibuster of Hobby Lobby Bill Sends Clear Message: Republicans Value ‘Rights’ of Corporations Over Rights of Women
Jan 30, 2006 Filibuster Effort Shows Intensity of Alito Opposition
Sep 30, 2006 Fence Just Another Expense, Not A Solution
Aug 1, 2001 Federalist Society Shapes Key Bush Decisions, but Group Remains a Mystery to Public
Mar 22, 2002 Federal Trial Starts On Internet Filtering Law
Sep 6, 2006 Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Photo ID Law That Could Disenfranchise Thousands of Legal Missouri Voters
Oct 15, 2001 Federal Judge Strikes Down Va Internet Law; PFAW Foundation Hails First Amendment Victory
Aug 17, 2006 Federal Judge Strikes Down Illegal and Unconstitutional Bush Administration Domestic Wiretapping Program
Jan 31, 2011 Federal Judge Strikes Down Health Care Reform Legislation
Jul 27, 2001 Federal Court To Decide Fate Of Virginia Law That Criminalizes Internet Content
Nov 23, 1998 Federal Court Strikes Down Loudoun County Internet Restrictions
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