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Format: 2017-01-18
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May 16, 2007 Texas Parents Challenge Unconstitutional Bible Class in Public Schools
Mar 19, 2010 Texas Board of Education Rewrites History
Jun 13, 2013 Texas African American Ministers Praise Fifth Circuit Action on Judge’s Racist Comments
May 30, 2007 Texans’ Voting Rights Narrowly Survive the 80th Legislative Session
Feb 12, 2003 Testimony to a Florida Senate Committee on Implementing Class-Size Reduction
Jun 8, 2004 Testimony of Steven Rosenauer before U.S. Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution
Oct 24, 2001 Terrorism Bill Will Require Vigilant Congressional Oversight, Monitoring By Civil Liberties Advocates
Aug 15, 2003 Ten Commandments Judge Says He Won’t Obey Court Order
Nov 5, 2008 Television Ads Focus on Senators' Support for Harmful Bush Supreme Court Justices
Aug 17, 1998 Taxpayers may not be forced to pay for religious schools, federal court rules
Feb 5, 2010 Tancredo Sets the Tone For Tea Party: Extreme, Racist, Nativist
Jul 1, 2004 Supreme Court’s 2003-2004 Term Crucial to Constitution
Nov 14, 2011 Supreme Court's Decision to Hear Health Care Challenge: Conservative Ideology vs. The Constitution
Apr 28, 2010 Supreme Court Weakens First Amendment
Jun 16, 2005 Supreme Court Vacancies: Bush Should Choose Consensus Not Confrontation
Feb 25, 2004 Supreme Court Upholds State Religious Liberty Provisions
Jun 22, 2009 Supreme Court Upholds Section 5 of Voting Rights Act
Jun 27, 2002 Supreme Court Upholds Cleveland Voucher Plan, Further Weakening Wall Between Church And State
Sep 25, 2001 Supreme Court to Hear Crucial Cases This Term
Jun 27, 2003 Supreme Court Term Brought Important Victories on Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
Dec 5, 2008 Supreme Court Takes Detainee Case
Jun 28, 2007 Supreme Court Swerves Hard Right
Jun 25, 2009 Supreme Court Strip Search Decision Supports Sotomayor Dissent
Jun 27, 2011 Supreme Court Strikes Another Blow to Clean Elections
Jun 20, 2011 Supreme Court Slams the Courthouse Door on Women Facing Discrimination
Jun 25, 2007 Supreme Court Slams Courthouse Doors Shut on Taxpayers in Religious Liberty Case
Jun 29, 2006 Supreme Court Shifts Right, Kennedy Moderates Impact of Roberts & Alito
Nov 9, 1998 Supreme Court Sets Stage for More Confusion Over Vouchers
May 13, 2002 Supreme Court Sends Internet Censorship Law Back To Lower Court
Jun 24, 2004 Supreme Court Sends Cheney Case Back to Lower Court
Feb 25, 2009 Supreme Court Rules Religious Monuments to be Government Speech
Jun 28, 2010 Supreme Court Rules Against Government-Aided Discrimination
Jun 29, 2009 Supreme Court Rules Against Diversity in Ricci
Jan 13, 2009 Supreme Court Rejects Church-State Appeal
Jun 12, 2008 Supreme Court Rebukes Bush on Habeas Corpus in 5-4 Ruling
Jun 27, 2005 Supreme Court Reaffirms Constitutional Principle of Government Neutrality Toward Religion in Split Decisions on Ten Commandments
Jun 28, 2004 Supreme Court Overturns Key Parts of Bush Detention Policy, Affirms Rule of Law and Courts' Role as Check on Exec Power
Jun 30, 2005 Supreme Court Narrowly Protects Key Civil Rights and Liberties in 2004-2005 Term
Mar 4, 2009 Supreme Court Knocks Down Bogus Pre-Emption Claim in Drug Labeling Case
May 27, 2008 Supreme Court Issues Rare Pro-Worker Rulings
Jun 8, 2010 Supreme Court Halts Public Matching Funds for Arizona Candidates
Jun 30, 2014 Supreme Court Distorts Religious Liberty Law in Hobby Lobby Decision
Oct 17, 2008 Supreme Court Defends Voter Registration In Ohio
Oct 4, 2001 Supreme Court Declines Review In Bedford School Case
Jun 26, 2003 Supreme Court Decision: Victory for Gay Equality
Jun 23, 2003 Supreme Court Decision: Internet Ruling Damages Rights of Library Users
Jun 23, 2003 Supreme Court Decision: Affirmative Action Principles Upheld
Jan 14, 2010 Supreme Court Blocks Cameras from Prop 8 Trial
Apr 4, 2007 Supreme Court Avoids Ruling on Important Guantanamo Case
Jun 29, 2004 Supreme Court Affirms Injunction Against Internet Censorship
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