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Format: 2015-08-30
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Dec 4, 2001 BAEO: Community Voice Or Captive Of The Right?
Feb 17, 2011 Backlash Against SD Anti-Choice Bill Proves Voters Want Jobs, Not Attacks on Women
Aug 28, 2002 Back to School with the Religious Right
Oct 2, 2002 Award-Winning Poet Sarah Jones Appeals Procedural Dismissal of Censorship Suit Against FCC
Jan 30, 2002 Award-Winning Poet And Performance Artist Sarah Jones Sues Federal Communications Commission
Nov 13, 2002 Authors, Artists, Entertainers, Thinkers to Celebrate Free Speech In Face of Efforts to Squelch Dissent
Dec 1, 2006 Audit an Exercise in Futility; Revote Only Remedy for Sarasota Voters, Mitchell Says
Sep 6, 2001 Attorney General John Ashcroft Installs Right-Wing "Dream Team" At Justice Department
Mar 13, 2007 Attorney General Gonzales Should Resign or Be Removed from Office
Mar 16, 2006 Attorney General Gonzales Fails Civil Rights Test, Voters Displaced By Katrina
Dec 9, 2006 Attacks on Muslim Congressman-Elect’s Faith Undermine Religious Freedom
Nov 15, 2001 Ashcroft’s Relentless Assault On Civil Liberties
Jan 5, 2001 Ashcroft's Record Too Extreme for Justice
Nov 9, 2004 Ashcroft Tenure as Attorney General Among the Most Destructive in Modern Era
Dec 6, 2001 Ashcroft Resorts to the Politics of Intimidation to Silence Critics
May 13, 2004 Ashcroft on Brown vs. Board: Praise in Words, Not Deeds
Jan 17, 2001 Ashcroft Further Undermines Integrity Claims by Misrepresenting Facts on Desegregation Case
Mar 24, 2011 As Smithsonian Continues to Duck Controversy, PFAW Report Draws Lessons On How Not to Respond to Political Bullies
Mar 14, 2012 As Senate Cuts Deal to Move Some Judicial Nominees, PFAW Urges GOP to End Partisan Obstruction
Jul 27, 2006 As President Signs Voting Rights Act Reauthorization PFAW Calls on Bush Administration to Start Enforcing the Law
Oct 30, 2002 Artists for a New South Africa Joins Election Protection Team
Sep 17, 2001 Arizona Tax Credit Law Shortchanges Educational Needs Of Disadvantaged Students
Mar 25, 2009 Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Voucher Schemes
Apr 20, 2010 Arizona Republicans Use Rhetoric of Fear to Push Through Draconian Immigration Law
Apr 23, 2010 Arizona Governor Signs Harsh New Anti-Immigrant Law
May 15, 2008 Arizona Court of Appeals Rejects Voucher Schemes
Jun 17, 2003 Appeals Court Upholds Arrest and Detention Secrecy
Oct 18, 2012 Appeals Court Strikes Down Discriminatory DOMA, Congress Should Repeal It
Oct 27, 2010 Appeals Court Strikes Down Arizona Proof of Citizenship Law
Aug 9, 2001 Appeals Court Says Show Must Go On
Oct 6, 2006 Appeals Court Says No to Prop 200's Burdensome Voter ID Requirements
Jul 1, 2003 Appeals Court Rebukes “Ten Commandments Judge” Roy Moore
Dec 18, 2003 Appeals Court Rebukes Bush on Enemy Combatant
Jun 14, 2007 Anti-Marriage Amendment Defeated In Massachusetts in Victory for Equality
Jun 28, 2007 Anti-Immigration Senators Block Vote on Comprehensive Immigration Reform
Dec 13, 2010 Anti-Health Care Lawsuit Succeeds in Virginia
Jul 14, 2004 Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Falls Far Short In Senate
Aug 29, 2006 Anti-Gay Group Attacks Domestic Violence Law in Court
Sep 30, 2004 Anti-Gay Constitutional Amendment Falls Far Short in House, Courageous Reps. Stand Up to Election Year Demagoguery
Dec 6, 2006 Annual "Auction For the American Way" Offers Rare Items from Stars of Music, Film, TV, and Art—Runs Now Through December 13th on
Dec 6, 2006 Annual "Auction For the American Way" Offers Rare Items from Stars of Music, Film, TV, and Art—Runs Now Through December 13th on
Nov 4, 2003 Analysis: Brown's Hearing Reinforces Case Against Her Extreme Views on Civil Rights and Access to Justice
May 25, 2004 Americans “Courting Disaster” with Next Supreme Court Justices
Jan 21, 2011 Americans Unite Against Corporate Influence in Elections on Anniversary of Supreme Court Decision
Sep 10, 1998 Americans Tell Congress, "Let's Move On"
Sep 26, 2008 Americans Say: The Debate Is On!
Jan 9, 2012 Americans Mobilize for Constitutional Amendment to Restore Our Democracy on Second Anniversary of Citizens United
Aug 2, 2011 Americans Hurt by ALEC "Model Bills" Speak Out at ALEC Annual Meeting as Corporate Members & Politicians Vote on More State Legislation
Nov 20, 2014 American Bridge And People For the American Way Release New Video On The GOP's Offensive Immigration Rhetoric
Jun 3, 2005 America Courting Constitutional Disaster with Supreme Court Vacancies
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