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Format: 2016-05-25
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Dec 9, 2000 Ralph Neas: Voters Hand Officials a Mandate on Education
Jan 17, 2003 Ralph G. Neas Welcomes Condoleezza Rice's Statement on Affirmative Action
Jan 14, 2000 Ralph G. Neas to Urge Youths to Become Drum Majors for Justice at MLK Jr. Day Rally
Jan 3, 2000 Ralph G. Neas Outlines Agenda, Vision as New President of People For The American Way and PFAW Foundation
Dec 14, 2000 Ralph G. Neas on the Outcome of the Presidential Race
Nov 5, 2008 Radio Ads Urge African Americans to Oppose Anti-Gay Discrimination
Oct 22, 2010 Radio Ad in Wisconsin Criticizes Ron Johnson on Jobs and Economy
Aug 18, 2010 Radio Ad Highlights Grassley’s Criticism of Civil Rights Leader
Oct 22, 2010 Radio Ad Criticizes Rand Paul on Civil Rights, Economy
Nov 10, 2005 Radical Right's Budget Proprosal Blocked in US House
Sep 19, 2007 Questions Mukasey Must Answer
Oct 16, 2007 Questions Mukasey Must Answer
May 1, 2003 Public Wins! Senate Filibusters Owen
Mar 10, 2000 Public Wants Evolution, Not Creationsim, in Science Class, New National Poll Shows
Feb 4, 2004 Public Interest Groups Challenge FEC Threat to Public Debate
Feb 20, 2002 Public Education Advocates Mobilize As Supreme Court Hears Religious School Voucher Case
Jun 23, 2005 Public Broadcasting Funds Restored
Jun 4, 2003 Public Airing of Stakes in Upcoming Supreme Court Vacancy Must Begin Now
Nov 12, 2015 Psychology Student from Brooklyn Uses Online Video to Reason with Americans About the Dangers of Big Money in Politics
Jun 9, 2005 Pryor Confirmation Puts Americans’ Rights at Risk
Apr 9, 2003 Pryor Appeals Court Nomination Continues Pattern of Divisive Far-Right Judicial Nominees
Oct 23, 2002 Protecting Against Election Day Disenfranchisement
Oct 9, 2003 Prop. 54 Defeated in California!
Aug 12, 2010 Prop 8 Judge Denies Permanent Stay on Marriages
Aug 3, 2006 Prop 200 Is An Utter Failure
May 28, 2001 Progressives Fight To Protect N.J.’s Minors’ Reproductive Health
Mar 8, 2011 Progressive Organizations Criticize King for Targeting Muslims
Oct 17, 2005 Progressive Broadcaster Squelched
Aug 31, 2005 Progress For America’s Misleading Ad Urges Roberts to Hide Views from American People
Jun 2, 2004 Primary Day Summary Shows Officials, Election Protection Volunteers Working Together to Prevent Problems
Sep 27, 2011 Pressure Begins to Yield Results as Senate Takes Steps to Confirm 10 Judicial Nominees
Jan 31, 2012 Press Conference and Petition Drop: Tell the New Hampshire Attorney General to Investigate James O'Keefe
Jun 17, 2009 Presidential Memorandum: "A Very Small Step in the Right Direction"
Nov 5, 1998 President, First Lady Honor PFAWF Officials for Arts Advocacy
Apr 10, 2007 President Yielding to Far Right on Immigration, Setting Aside Reasonable Solution
Jun 7, 2001 President Signs Massive, Irresponsible Tax Cut
Jan 29, 2009 President Signs Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Sep 25, 2002 President Plays Partisan Politics with Patriotism
Jan 7, 2010 President Obama to Renominate Dawn Johnsen and Other 2009 Nominees
Mar 17, 2009 President Obama to Announce First Judicial Nominee
Jan 6, 2011 President Obama Sends Judicial Nominations Back to the Senate
May 8, 2001 President Launches Push Toward A Far-Right Judiciary
Jul 19, 2006 President Bush’s Unconscionable Veto of Stem Cell Legislation
Mar 20, 2007 President Bush Confuses Accountability with Partisanship
Feb 1, 2011 Preposterous Smear Against Planned Parenthood Follows Right-Wing Playbook
Oct 18, 2001 Potential Closed-Door Hearing on Judicial Nominees Today “Would be Undemocratic and Unacceptable,” Says PFAW’s Neas
May 9, 2013 Polygamy, Mass Murder, and the End of Capitalism: The Top Ten Religious Right Claims on the Consequences of Marriage Equality
Nov 5, 2013 Poll: Democrats Crush Republicans Among Latino and Asian American Voters in Virginia
Oct 3, 2012 Poll: Americans Fear Romney Would Further Shift Supreme Court Toward Big Business
Apr 22, 2005 Politics and Religion: Everything Old Is New Again
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