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Format: 2017-01-18
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Aug 1, 2000 People For the American Way Launches Ad Campaign: Pick of Cheney Underscores Bush's Stated Intention to Name Far-Right Justices like Scalia and Thomas to Supreme Court
Sep 9, 2000 Bush Running Mate Dick Cheney's Congressional Voting Record Emphatically Far-Right
Oct 2, 2000 People For the American Way and Voters for Choice Host October 2nd Rally
Dec 9, 2000 Ralph Neas: Voters Hand Officials a Mandate on Education
Dec 14, 2000 Ralph G. Neas on the Outcome of the Presidential Race
Dec 22, 2000 People For the American Way President Ralph G. Neas' Statement on the Nomination of John Ashcroft to be U.S. Attorney General
Jan 5, 2001 Ashcroft's Record Too Extreme for Justice
Jan 9, 2001 John Ashcroft's Extremism Against Abortion Rights and Common Birth Control Methods
Jan 13, 2001 Remarks by Ralph Neas on PFAW Latest Report
Jan 17, 2001 Ashcroft Further Undermines Integrity Claims by Misrepresenting Facts on Desegregation Case
Jan 30, 2001 Bush Plan to Fund Religious Groups Endangers First Amendment, Could Endorse Job Discrimination, Group Warns
Feb 1, 2001 Statement of Ralph Neas, On the Senate Vote to Confirm John Ashcroft as U.S. Attorney General
Feb 8, 2001 Florida Voucher Bill is Unsound
Feb 21, 2001 U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Garrett Undermines Effectiveness and Intent of ADA
Apr 3, 2001 PFAW President Ralph G. Neas Asks U.S. Senators to Oppose the Bush Tax Cut
Apr 18, 2001 It’s Deja Vu In Miami-Dade
Apr 27, 2001 It’s Not (Just) In Kansas Anymore!
Apr 27, 2001 Ultra Right Wing Group Taps Harsh Critics Of Gays To Fight Civil Rights Advancement
May 2, 2001 Robertson And Right-Wing Allies Brag Of Control Over Bush Agenda
May 3, 2001 Neas Urges Senate To Fix Nation’s Voting System And Protect Voting Rights
May 3, 2001 Kansas, Move Over!
May 8, 2001 Senate Urged To Demand Every Federal Court Nominee Meets Highest Standards
May 8, 2001 President Launches Push Toward A Far-Right Judiciary
May 17, 2001 Illinois County School Officials Urged to Steer Clear of 'Bible as History' Course
May 23, 2001 U.S. House Decisively Rejects Vouchers In Two Key Votes On Education Bill
May 23, 2001 Civil Rights Group Urges Florida Gov. To Rescind State Funds To Right-Wing Business
May 23, 2001 Senate Passes Massive, Irresponsible Tax Cut
May 28, 2001 Progressives Fight To Protect N.J.’s Minors’ Reproductive Health
Jun 7, 2001 President Signs Massive, Irresponsible Tax Cut
Jun 7, 2001 PFAW Growth Signals Surge In Progressive Spirit, Commitment To Liberty, Neas Says
Jun 11, 2001 Civil Rights Group Decries High Court’s Ruling On Religious Groups In Public Schools
Jun 12, 2001 Education, Civil Rights Leaders Join Norton
Jun 19, 2001 Election Protection Helps Voters In Virginia’s 4th Congressional District Vote With Few Incidents
Jun 22, 2001 Impending Ninth Circuit Nominee’s Record "Troubling" In Many Areas
Jun 29, 2001 2000-01 Supreme Court Term Shows Balance At The Brink
Jul 2, 2001 People For Joins Rep. Bobby Scott In Urging Congress To Avoid Bush's Religion Funding Plan
Jul 10, 2001 White House's Secret Deal Would Exempt Religious Discriminators from State and Local Laws
Jul 17, 2001 Civil Rights Leaders Warn Of Constitutional Defects In H.R. 7
Jul 17, 2001 Free Speech Gets Burned In House Flag Vote
Jul 19, 2001 In Close Vote House Passes Bush Administration’s Government-Religion Plan
Jul 26, 2001 Senate Poised To Do The Right Thing On Hate Crimes (Again)
Jul 27, 2001 Federal Court To Decide Fate Of Virginia Law That Criminalizes Internet Content
Jul 31, 2001 Civil Rights Group Urges Congress To Protect Gays In Employment
Jul 31, 2001 Civil Rights Groups Urge Congress To Take Decisive Action On Election Reform
Aug 1, 2001 Federalist Society Shapes Key Bush Decisions, but Group Remains a Mystery to Public
Aug 9, 2001 Appeals Court Says Show Must Go On
Aug 16, 2001 Bush Administration Views First Amendment As 'Barrier'
Aug 17, 2001 CBS Decision to Drop Episodes Raises Concerns
Aug 17, 2001 Dilulio's Departure Signals Church-State Troubles
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