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Format: 2016-12-06
Format: 2016-12-06
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Nov 8, 2005 PFAW eBay "Auction for the American Way" Launches December 4
Nov 8, 2005 Sen. Obama Targets Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation with ‘Sorely Needed’ Legislation
Nov 9, 2005 Kansas School Board Undermines Science Standards (Again)
Nov 9, 2005 Senate subcommittee votes to write discrimination into the Constitution
Nov 10, 2005 Radical Right's Budget Proprosal Blocked in US House
Nov 10, 2005 PATRIOT Act: Conference committee can protect Americans' rights
Nov 14, 2005 New Document Shows Alito’s Devotion to Ultra-Conservative Causes
Nov 16, 2005 New Revelations Undermine Credibility of Alito's Efforts to Discount His Own Words and Record
Nov 16, 2005 Conference Committee Signs Off on Flawed PATRIOT Act behind Closed Doors
Nov 17, 2005 With Alito in Trouble, CFJ Tries to Change the Subject
Nov 18, 2005 Justice Department Actions Show Bush Administration's Lack of Commitment to Civil Rights
Nov 18, 2005 PFAW Seeking Access to Records of 'Concerned Alumni of Princeton'
Nov 18, 2005 Justice Department Actions Show Bush Administration's Lack of Commitment to Civil Rights
Nov 22, 2005 Bipartisan DREAM Act Reintroduced in Senate
Nov 22, 2005 Internet Ad Targets Progressive Activists on Alito Nomination
Nov 22, 2005 Fox News Blocks Anti-Alito Ad
Nov 30, 2005 New Document: Alito Favored Overturning Roe vs. Wade and State-Level Barriers to Reproductive Rights
Dec 6, 2005 PFAWF Urges Supreme Court to Uphold Universities' Right to Oppose Discrimination
Dec 8, 2005 New Poll: Alito Nomination Far from Settled
Dec 9, 2005 Negotiators Reach Agreement to Reauthorize Flawed PATRIOT Act
Dec 9, 2005 House Judiciary Committee Passes Immigration Bill that Won’t Solve Problem
Dec 13, 2005 OH Senate Says 'Yes' to Faulty Election Reform Bill
Dec 16, 2005 PATRIOT Act Stopped In Senate
Dec 16, 2005 Neas Slams Conference Report's New Voucher Language
Dec 19, 2005 PFAWF Cautions School Board on Bible Curriculum
Dec 19, 2005 House Caves to Right, Passes Immigration Bill that Won’t Solve Problem
Dec 20, 2005 Dover Ruling Is a Resounding Victory for the Constitution, Students and Science Education
Dec 21, 2005 Neas Hits Budget Reconciliation Bill
Dec 22, 2005 PATRIOT Act Extension: A Chance for Change
Dec 22, 2005 First-Ever National Private School Voucher Program Sent to President’s Desk
Dec 23, 2005 New Documents: Alito Favors Increased Presidential Power
Jan 4, 2006 Statement by PFAW President Ralph G. Neas on ABA Rating for Supreme Court Nominee Samuel Alito
Jan 4, 2006 PFAW Releases 155-Page Pre-Hearing Alito Report
Jan 5, 2006 Florida Supreme Court Rules Vouchers Unconstitutional
Jan 5, 2006 Pat Robertson: Sharon Invited God’s Wrath
Jan 6, 2006 Unusual Allies File Supreme Court Brief in Hamdan Case
Jan 9, 2006 Shifting Explanations from Alito Supporters
Jan 10, 2006 Judge Alito: Closed Mind in Employment Discrimination Cases
Jan 10, 2006 Schumer Questioning 'Masterful'
Jan 10, 2006 Alito Fails to Meet Burden on First Day of Testimony
Jan 10, 2006 Alito: CAP and Credibility
Jan 11, 2006 The Disappeared Witness
Jan 11, 2006 Momentum Shifts as Alito's Record Comes Through Despite His Evasive and Misleading Answers
Jan 12, 2006 Judge Samuel Alito: Sharply Repudiated By His Own Colleagues
Jan 12, 2006 Alito Testimony Confirmed That He Shouldn't Be
Jan 19, 2006 Hearing Confirms Alito Wrong Choice for America
Jan 24, 2006 Alito Advances on Narrow Judiciary Committee Vote
Jan 26, 2006 PFAW and NAACP joint statement on Alito nomination
Jan 30, 2006 Filibuster Effort Shows Intensity of Alito Opposition
Jan 31, 2006 Honoring Coretta Scott King
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