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Format: 2016-09-27
Date Title
Dec 15, 2010 House Sends Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal to Senate
Dec 15, 2010 Meet the Leadership: Corporate America and the Religious Right’s New Team in the House
Dec 13, 2010 Anti-Health Care Lawsuit Succeeds in Virginia
Dec 9, 2010 PFAW Delivers 25,000 DISCLOSE Act Petitions to Senate
Dec 9, 2010 Senate Republicans Block Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal
Dec 9, 2010 Congress Moves Closer to Passage of DREAM Act
Dec 9, 2010 The Violent Consequences of Glenn Beck’s Dangerous Rhetoric
Dec 4, 2010 Reid Seeks Pathway to Move DADT Repeal Forward
Dec 1, 2010 Smithsonian Gives in to the Far Right, Censors the Artist Who “Spoiled Christmas”
Dec 1, 2010 Senate Judiciary Committee Moves Judges Forward, Full Senate Still Gripped by GOP Obstruction
Nov 30, 2010 Pentagon Study Confirms Discrimination in the Military is Harmful and Unnecessary
Nov 19, 2010 Citizens Blindsided: Updated PFAW Report Examines Role of Corporate Money in 2010 Elections
Nov 17, 2010 Senate Refuses to Move Forward on Paycheck Fairness Act
Nov 2, 2010 ABC Drops Andrew Breitbart
Oct 27, 2010 New Video Shows Ron Johnson’s Extremism on Economy and Environment
Oct 27, 2010 Appeals Court Strikes Down Arizona Proof of Citizenship Law
Oct 26, 2010 Rand Paul Explains Why He Is Too Extreme For Kentucky
Oct 26, 2010 New TV Ad Asks: “Who’s Controlling Ken Buck?”
Oct 22, 2010 New Web Video: Pat Toomey in His Own Words
Oct 22, 2010 New Web Video: Ken Buck in His Own Words
Oct 22, 2010 Radio Ad in Wisconsin Criticizes Ron Johnson on Jobs and Economy
Oct 22, 2010 Radio Ad Criticizes Rand Paul on Civil Rights, Economy
Oct 12, 2010 Judge Halts Enforcement of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
Oct 5, 2010 Foreign Funded Chamber of Commerce Pours Money into U.S. Elections
Oct 4, 2010 Bipartisan Group of Former Attorneys General and Law Professors Call on Congress to Examine Constitutional Amendment To Reverse Citizens United
Sep 30, 2010 “Rogues’ Gallery” Report Profiles Far-Right Senate Candidates
Sep 30, 2010 Senate GOP Blocks All Judicial Nominees as it Leaves for Recess
Sep 28, 2010 Report Profiles Pro-Corporate Players in Post-Citizens United Politics
Sep 27, 2010 PFAW Calls for GOP Senators to Show Responsibility, Confirm Stalled Judicial Nominees
Sep 23, 2010 Senate GOP Blocks Corporate Campaign Disclosure Vote for the Second Time
Sep 23, 2010 Judiciary Committee Approves Seven Nominees, Including Liu; All Have Been Waiting Months for Senate Votes
Sep 23, 2010 Statement from Leslie Watson Malachi on Alveda King
Sep 21, 2010 Senate GOP Votes in Lockstep to Block DADT Repeal, DREAM Act
Sep 16, 2010 GOP Digs in on Judicial Obstruction in Judiciary Committee
Sep 14, 2010 Will GOP leaders share a stage with one of the most anti-Muslim, anti-gay men in America?
Sep 13, 2010 Senate Confirms One Judicial Nominee, GOP Holds Up Many More
Sep 10, 2010 Court Rejects “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”
Sep 8, 2010 African American Ministers In Action Applauds Obama Jobs Program
Sep 3, 2010 People For the American Way Congratulates Dolores Huerta on Attacks from Glenn Beck
Aug 27, 2010 Glenn Beck and Dr. King
Aug 27, 2010 Dozens of Congressional Candidates Pledge to Support a Constitutional Amendment Overturning Court Ruling Enabling Corporations to Swamp Elections
Aug 25, 2010 PFAW Congratulates Meek for Florida Primary Victory
Aug 18, 2010 Radio Ad Highlights Grassley’s Criticism of Civil Rights Leader
Aug 13, 2010 Dr. Laura’s Racist Remarks Inexcusable
Aug 12, 2010 Prop 8 Judge Denies Permanent Stay on Marriages
Aug 6, 2010 GOP Obstruction Against Judges Reaches New Low
Aug 5, 2010 Elena Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court
Aug 4, 2010 PFAW Statement: Federal Judge Overturns Proposition 8
Aug 4, 2010 PFAW Statement on Muslim Community Center Near Ground Zero
Aug 4, 2010 Statement of Rev. Byron Williams on Proposition 8 Decision
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