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Format: 2016-10-22
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May 25, 2010 Texas School Board Votes to Omit Labor Leader Dolores Huerta from Curriculum
May 24, 2010 Senator Cornyn Exposes Right’s Hypocrisy on Judicial Philosophy
May 20, 2010 House Committee Approves DISCLOSE Act
May 11, 2010 Young, Progressive Elected Officials to Convene in Washington
May 10, 2010 People For Statement on the Nomination of Elena Kagan
May 7, 2010 New Provocative Ad Asks: “Is The Supreme Court Corporate America’s Newest Subsidiary?”
May 3, 2010 Faith Leaders to Sign Immigration Reform Covenant on Ellis Island
Apr 29, 2010 DISCLOSE Act Is Key First Step in Fixing "Citizens United"
Apr 28, 2010 Supreme Court Weakens First Amendment
Apr 23, 2010 Arizona Governor Signs Harsh New Anti-Immigrant Law
Apr 22, 2010 Democrats Begin Breaking the Nominee Logjam
Apr 21, 2010 The Rise of the Corporate Court: How the Supreme Court is Putting Business First
Apr 20, 2010 Arizona Republicans Use Rhetoric of Fear to Push Through Draconian Immigration Law
Apr 20, 2010 Remembering Dorothy Height
Apr 16, 2010 Statement on the White House’s Extension of Hospital Visitation Rights to Same-Sex Partners
Apr 15, 2010 Honoring Dr. Benjamin Hooks
Apr 14, 2010 Hodes Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United
Apr 14, 2010 Florida Special Election Shows Strength of Opposition to Citizens United
Apr 9, 2010 Justice Stevens to Retire from the Supreme Court
Apr 9, 2010 Dawn Johnsen Nomination Withdrawn
Apr 7, 2010 Virginia Governor Celebrates the Confederacy, Forgets Slavery
Mar 29, 2010 People For the American Way Voters Alliance Endorses Ted Deutch for Congress
Mar 22, 2010 Congress Overcomes Right Wing Attacks to Pass Historic Health Care Legislation
Mar 19, 2010 Texas Board of Education Rewrites History
Mar 17, 2010 PFAW Report Exposes Right Wing Playbook Against Immigration Reform
Mar 16, 2010 Senators Highlight Mistreatment of Obama Nominees
Mar 4, 2010 Dawn Johnsen Approved by Judiciary Committee
Mar 2, 2010 Has Liz Cheney No Sense of Decency?
Feb 21, 2010 OPR Report Slams Bush Office of Legal Counsel
Feb 18, 2010 New Poll Shows Broad Support for "Fixing" Citizens United
Feb 17, 2010 "Mount Vernon Statement": Fancy New Name, Same Old Talking Points
Feb 5, 2010 Tancredo Sets the Tone For Tea Party: Extreme, Racist, Nativist
Feb 5, 2010 GOP Obstruction on Nominations Reaches New Low
Feb 3, 2010 PFAW Applauds Moves Towards Ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
Feb 2, 2010 Reps. Conyers and Edwards Introduce Constitutional Amendment
Jan 28, 2010 PFAW Backs Ban on Foreign Electioneering in Wake of Citizens United
Jan 28, 2010 Senate Republicans Continue Obstruction of Crucial Obama Nominees
Jan 27, 2010 PFAW Applauds Obama for Criticizing Citizens United Decision
Jan 26, 2010 Vote Long Overdue on 3rd Circuit Court Nomination
Jan 21, 2010 People For the American Way Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Undo Supreme Court Decision
Jan 21, 2010 Obama Renominates Dawn Johnsen for OLC
Jan 21, 2010 Roberts Court Puts Corporate Power above Individual Rights
Jan 20, 2010 Response to GOP Win In Massachusetts Should Be Renewed Focus on Values—Ours and Theirs
Jan 15, 2010 Guess Who's Coming to the McDonnell Inauguration
Jan 14, 2010 Supreme Court Blocks Cameras from Prop 8 Trial
Jan 14, 2010 Judiciary Republicans Seek to Delay Johnsen Confirmation
Jan 13, 2010 PFAW Condemns Robertson’s Comments on Haiti Earthquake
Jan 7, 2010 President Obama to Renominate Dawn Johnsen and Other 2009 Nominees
Jan 7, 2010 New Jersey State Senate Defeats Marriage Equality Legislation
Dec 15, 2009 DC Council Passes Marriage Equality Legislation
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