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Format: 2016-12-08
Format: 2016-12-08
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Aug 30, 2012 New Ad Holds Romney Accountable for His Anti-Woman Supreme Court Agenda
Mar 4, 2003 New Data Shows Illinois Tuition Tax Credit Continues to Provide Windfall to Affluent Families
Sep 2, 1998 New Day for Lee County, FL Schools
Nov 14, 2005 New Document Shows Alito’s Devotion to Ultra-Conservative Causes
Nov 30, 2005 New Document: Alito Favored Overturning Roe vs. Wade and State-Level Barriers to Reproductive Rights
Dec 23, 2005 New Documents: Alito Favors Increased Presidential Power
May 2, 2005 New Filibuster Ad: People For Ready with Rebuttal to Progress for America
Aug 24, 2006 New Forms of Voter Suppression Spreading Across America
Apr 24, 2003 New Government Gag Rule Added to Ohio Budget Bill Without a Public Hearing
Dec 20, 2015 New Hampshire Activists Lead Money in Politics Demonstration Outside Democratic Debate
Nov 16, 2016 New Hampshire Elects Money In Politics Reform Champions
Jan 7, 2016 New Hampshire House Votes Down Bill on Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
Apr 26, 2007 New Information in Renzi Case Shows that Gonzales’ Justice Department Still Isn’t Telling the Whole Truth
Oct 25, 2006 New Jersey High Court: Gay & Lesbian Couples Entitled to Equal Rights and Benefits
Oct 18, 2012 New Jersey Legislature Poised to Pass a Resolution Calling for a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United v. FEC
Jan 7, 2010 New Jersey State Senate Defeats Marriage Equality Legislation
Aug 1, 2003 New Legislation Will Counter Civil Liberties Dangers of Patriot Act
Aug 15, 2011 New PFAW Ad in New Hampshire Asks, 'Mitt Romney: Man of the People?'
Oct 13, 2014 New PFAW and NextGen Climate Spanish-Language Ad Challenges Gardner in Colorado
Jun 22, 2010 New PFAW Poll Shows Americans Want Action to Correct Citizens United
Mar 3, 2016 New PFAW Report Examines Groups Fighting to Block SCOTUS Confirmation
Sep 24, 2015 New PFAW Report Examines Supreme Court Nominations as a Critical 2016 Election Issue
Feb 18, 2015 New PFAW Report Exposes Koch-Funded ‘Libre Initiative’ Targeting Latino Voters / Nuevo informe de PFAW revela las tácticas para enganchar el voto latino de la “Iniciativa Libre” fundada por los Kochs
Feb 18, 2010 New Poll Shows Broad Support for "Fixing" Citizens United
Apr 23, 2013 New Poll Shows New Hampshire Voters’ Strong Support for Limiting Money in Politics
Dec 8, 2005 New Poll: Alito Nomination Far from Settled
May 7, 2010 New Provocative Ad Asks: “Is The Supreme Court Corporate America’s Newest Subsidiary?”
Dec 14, 1998 New Radio Ads Urge Intensified Nationwide Phone-In Campaign
Sep 9, 2003 New Report Details Attacks on Civil Liberties and on Civil Rights Protections
May 20, 2016 New Report Details Consequences of an Eight-Member Supreme Court
Apr 20, 1999 New Report Details Links Between Charity & Vested Interests In Campaign Against Public Schools
Sep 25, 2006 New Report Details Shortcomings and Disturbing Background of 'Unqualified' Nominee Michael Wallace
Jun 1, 2016 New Report Details the Religious Right Groups Weaponizing Religious Liberty
Jan 11, 2016 New Report Examines Supreme Court’s Ideological Agenda for Corporations and Unions
Apr 9, 2015 New Report Examines Supreme Court’s “Citizens United Era”
May 14, 2004 New Report Highlights Crisis in Illinois Schools
Feb 23, 2005 New Report: Federal Judge Terrence Boyle Unfit for Promotion to Court of Appeals
Jul 29, 2004 New revelations spark renewed demand for verifiable, auditable, recountable votes
Nov 16, 2005 New Revelations Undermine Credibility of Alito's Efforts to Discount His Own Words and Record
Sep 30, 2015 New Satirical Video Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
May 29, 2003 New Staff in Key Positions at PFAWF
Oct 26, 2010 New TV Ad Asks: “Who’s Controlling Ken Buck?”
Oct 27, 2010 New Video Shows Ron Johnson’s Extremism on Economy and Environment
Oct 22, 2010 New Web Video: Ken Buck in His Own Words
Oct 22, 2010 New Web Video: Pat Toomey in His Own Words
Dec 17, 2002 New York Lawmakers Approve Gay Rights Bill
Jul 6, 2006 New York’s Highest Court Allows Continued Marriage Discrimination
Mar 21, 2016 NH Voters Call on Sen. Ayotte to End Supreme Court Obstruction
Feb 29, 2016 NH Voters Call on Sen. Ayotte to Give Fair Consideration on Supreme Court Nominee
Oct 2, 2008 NM Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
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