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Format: 2016-12-03
Date Title
Aug 5, 2009 Bipartisan Employment Non-Discrimination Act Introduced in the Senate
Jul 28, 2009 Senate Judiciary Committee Votes in Favor of Sotomayor
Jul 27, 2009 Senate to Hold Hearings on Don't Ask Don't Tell
Jul 17, 2009 Senate Includes Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act in DOD Authorization
Jul 14, 2009 Sotomayor Excels at Day Two of Confirmation Hearings
Jul 14, 2009 Senator Hatch Attacks Straw Man over Ricci 'Smear'
Jul 13, 2009 Day One of Confirmation Hearings a Big Win for Sotomayor
Jul 13, 2009 PFAW Statement on Frank Ricci Discrimination Cases
Jul 9, 2009 Massachusetts Sues U.S. over DOMA
Jul 8, 2009 PFAW Names Activist Leader Michael B. Keegan New President
Jun 30, 2009 Minnesota Supreme Court Rules for Franken
Jun 29, 2009 Supreme Court Rules Against Diversity in Ricci
Jun 25, 2009 The Ricci Ruling and the Sotomayor Nomination
Jun 25, 2009 Supreme Court Strip Search Decision Supports Sotomayor Dissent
Jun 22, 2009 Supreme Court Upholds Section 5 of Voting Rights Act
Jun 18, 2009 PFAW Statement on Supreme Court's Age Discrimination Ruling
Jun 17, 2009 Presidential Memorandum: "A Very Small Step in the Right Direction"
Jun 11, 2009 PFAW Calls for DHS to Publish "Rightwing Extremism" Report
Jun 9, 2009 Nomination on Track, Sotomayor Hearings Set to Begin July 13th
May 31, 2009 PFAW Statement on Assassination of George Tiller
May 29, 2009 African American Ministers Urge Swift Confirmation of Judge Sonia Sotomayor To the Supreme Court
May 26, 2009 PFAW Foundation Statement on the California Supreme Court's Decision to Uphold Prop 8
May 26, 2009 PFAW Statement on Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor
May 19, 2009 PFAW Statement on Rumsfeld and the Misuse of Religion
May 12, 2009 Groups Deliver More than 140,000 Petitions to Impeach Bybee
May 8, 2009 Leading Progressive Advocacy Organizations Launch Search for New Leader
May 7, 2009 Right's Objections to Potential Justices Reveal Anti-Gay Bigotry
May 1, 2009 Obama Has Historic Opportunity to Establish Legacy of Justice
Apr 30, 2009 NOM Board Member Advocates Criminalization of Homosexuality, Overthrow of Government
Apr 30, 2009 Justice Souter to Retire from Supreme Court
Apr 29, 2009 House Passes Hate Crimes Legislation
Apr 28, 2009 Point Man for the Wedge Strategy: New Report Examines Political Activities of Bishop Harry Jackson, Face of the Religious Right's Outreach to African Americans
Apr 23, 2009 Hate Crimes Legislation Passes House Judiciary Committee
Apr 23, 2009 PFAW Urges Florida Legislature to Reject Restrictive Registration and Voter ID Rules
Apr 20, 2009 Kathleen Turner Phone Calls Support Confirmation of Dawn Johnsen
Apr 17, 2009 White House Releases Bush Torture Memos
Apr 7, 2009 Vermont Legislature Passes Marriage For All
Apr 3, 2009 People For the American Way Welcomes Introduction of Federal Hate Crimes Law
Apr 3, 2009 Unanimous Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Marriage Equality Ruling
Apr 2, 2009 Michael Keegan to Become Interim President of People For the American Way
Mar 31, 2009 Obama Chooses Anti-Gay Activist for White House Role
Mar 25, 2009 Arizona Supreme Court Rejects Voucher Schemes
Mar 19, 2009 Kagan Confirmed as SG, Johnsen Moves to Senate Floor
Mar 17, 2009 President Obama to Announce First Judicial Nominee
Mar 13, 2009 Obama Drops "Enemy Combatant" Designation
Mar 12, 2009 David Ogden Confirmed as Deputy Attorney General
Mar 10, 2009 Senate Rejects Extension of DC Voucher Plan
Mar 6, 2009 Sen. DeMint Attacks DC School Children
Mar 4, 2009 Supreme Court Knocks Down Bogus Pre-Emption Claim in Drug Labeling Case
Mar 3, 2009 Republicans Threaten to Block Obama's Judges
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