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Format: 2016-12-09
Format: 2016-12-09
Date Title
Apr 11, 2016 Cruz Promotes Support of Demon-Hunting, Anti-Gay Exorcist State Legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt
Apr 8, 2016 Sorry You Missed Sen. Johnson’s Party!
Apr 7, 2016 Mississippi Pastor Speaks Out Against “Appalling” Right-to-Discriminate Law
Apr 7, 2016 PFAW Endorses Donna Edwards for Senate
Apr 6, 2016 PFAW Endorses Ted Strickland for Senate
Apr 5, 2016 Backgrounder: The Judicial Crisis Network: Behind The Group Spreading Misinformation About Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland
Mar 31, 2016 Ari Rabin-Havt Joins People For the American Way as Senior Fellow
Mar 30, 2016 PFAW Endorses Alan Grayson for Florida Senate
Mar 25, 2016 PFAW Launches Video Campaign to Combat Anti-Muslim Bigotry
Mar 22, 2016 PFAW Statement on Cruz Proposal to “Patrol” Muslim Neighborhoods
Mar 21, 2016 NH Voters Call on Sen. Ayotte to End Supreme Court Obstruction
Mar 16, 2016 Statement on Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s Continued Obstruction
Mar 16, 2016 Statement from Dolores Huerta on the Nomination of Merrick Garland
Mar 16, 2016 PFAW Applauds Nomination of Garland to Supreme Court
Mar 14, 2016 National & Local Latino Leaders in Miami Speak Out Against GOP Presidential Candidates' Extremism
Mar 14, 2016 National & Local Latino Leaders in Miami Speak Out Against GOP Presidential Candidates' Extremism
Mar 14, 2016 Edit Memo: Not Just the Supreme Court: Republicans’ Blockade of Judicial Nominees Started Long Before SCOTUS Vacancy
Mar 7, 2016 PFAW Targets Sen. Pat Toomey for Supreme Court Obstruction with Robocalls from Alfre Woodard
Mar 4, 2016 Extremist Anti-Gay and Anti-Muslim Radio Host to Join Ted Cruz Rally
Mar 3, 2016 New PFAW Report Examines Groups Fighting to Block SCOTUS Confirmation
Mar 3, 2016 PFAW Wins Best Spanish Language Radio Ad
Mar 2, 2016 Texas Student Taylor Crumpton Speaks Out for Reproductive Access at Supreme Court
Mar 1, 2016 PFAW Statement on Donald Trump Leading Super Tuesday
Feb 29, 2016 PFAW Releases Report on White Nationalist Connections of Leading Anti-Immigration Groups
Feb 29, 2016 NH Voters Call on Sen. Ayotte to Give Fair Consideration on Supreme Court Nominee
Feb 24, 2016 Sen. Kelly Ayotte Should Fulfill Constitutional Duties or Resign
Feb 23, 2016 PFAW: Senate Judiciary Committee’s Blind Obstruction is “Height of Irresponsibility”
Feb 18, 2016 Martin Sheen Calls Out Ron Johnson For Putting Partisanship Ahead of the Constitution
Feb 16, 2016 Edit Memo: Filling the Supreme Court Vacancy Caused by the Death of Justice Scalia: What Should the Senate Do?
Feb 13, 2016 PFAW Statement on the Passing of Justice Antonin Scalia
Feb 11, 2016 PFAW Praises Nomination of Abdul Kallon, Will Be First African American from Alabama on 11th Circuit
Feb 11, 2016 Celebrities Release Open Letter to Latino Community Targeting GOP Presidential Candidates’ Anti-Immigrant Fear-Mongering
Feb 10, 2016 PFAW Statement on President Obama’s “Better Politics” Remarks
Feb 10, 2016 PFAW Response to New Hampshire Republican Primary Results
Feb 9, 2016 PFAW Statement on SCOTUS Stay of Carbon Rules
Feb 9, 2016 African American Ministers In Action Applauds Restoration of Voting Rights in Maryland
Feb 8, 2016 Donald Trump Agrees to PFAW’s Call to Return Contribution from White Nationalist
Feb 8, 2016 PFAW Statement on Jeb Bush’s Citizens United Remarks
Feb 8, 2016 PFAW and Allies Release Report on Money in Politics Reform Victories Since Citizens United
Feb 2, 2016 People For the American Way Calls on Trump to Return Contribution from White Nationalist
Feb 1, 2016 U.S. Sen. Tom Udall, U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch and Academy Award-Nominated Actress Kathleen Turner Gather to Name Winners of Democracy For All Video Challenge and Raise Awareness of Big Money in Politics
Feb 1, 2016 People For the American Way Foundation Hires Catalina Velasquez As Director of Young People For Program
Jan 27, 2016 ‘Democracy Awakening’ Comes to the Nation’s Capital in April
Jan 26, 2016 Media Advisory: Congressional Champions and Entertainment Stars Celebrate Artists and Activists Working to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Jan 21, 2016 On Citizens United Anniversary, PFAW Calls on President Obama to Issue Executive Order on Secret Money in Politics
Jan 19, 2016 Dolores Huerta, PFAW Respond to SCOTUS Decision to Hear DACA+, DAPA
Jan 12, 2016 Statement from Marge Baker on State of the Union Address
Jan 12, 2016 PFAW Applauds White House Announcement of Judicial Nominees
Jan 11, 2016 PFAW Statement on Senate Confirmation of Luis Restrepo
Jan 11, 2016 Donald Trump Should Condemn White Nationalist Ads on His Behalf
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