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Format: 2016-09-26
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May 19, 2008 People For the American Way Praises Governor Sebelius’ Veto of House Bill 2019
Mar 29, 2007 People For the American Way Praises Committee Approval of Deceptive Practices Bill
Apr 4, 2013 People For the American Way Pennsylvania Members Campaign Against Election-Rigging Plan
Aug 21, 2008 People For the American Way Mourns Stephanie Tubbs Jones
Dec 6, 2007 People For the American Way Foundation, Florida Allies Announce Hotline, Web Site to Restore Voting Rights for Ex-Offenders
Oct 19, 2006 People For the American Way Foundation to McPherson: Tell Naturalized Immigrants Their Votes Count
Feb 26, 2008 People For the American Way Foundation Supports Blackwell Subpoena
Jun 1, 2004 People For the American Way Foundation Protests New Voter Purge
Oct 20, 2006 People For the American Way Foundation Investigates Voter Purge Concerns in Ohio
Oct 17, 2006 People For the American Way Foundation Calls Upon Secretary of State McPherson to Publicly Reinforce Naturalized Immigrants' Right to Vote
Jul 9, 2015 People For the American Way Foundation Applauds FL Supreme Court for Striking Down Gerrymandered Districts
Jun 29, 2006 People For the American Way Delivers First Wave of Petitions Calling for Voting Rights Act Passage
Mar 1, 2007 People For the American Way Commends Introduction of the Deceptive Practices And Voter Intimidation Prevention Act in the House
Nov 2, 2012 People For the American Way and Allies Issue Joint Statement Pledging to Counter Threats to Free and Fair Elections
Sep 18, 2012 Pennsylvania Pastors: State Supreme Court Voter ID Decision ‘Encouraging’
Aug 15, 2012 Pennsylvania Pastors ‘Dismayed’ by Voter ID Decision
Aug 16, 2012 Ohio Ministers: New Early Voting Rule Hurts Everyone Equally
Nov 9, 2012 Ohio Ministers to Husted: Every Vote Must Be Counted
Sep 29, 2014 Ohio Ministers Speak Out Against SCOTUS Order to Block Early Voting
Oct 16, 2012 Ohio Ministers Celebrate Supreme Court’s Upholding of Early Voting Rights
Feb 21, 2014 Ohio Faith Leaders Speak Out Against Restrictive Voting Laws
Oct 2, 2008 OH Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
Jan 31, 2007 Obama Legislation Would Protect Voting Rights
Sep 15, 2004 Nonpartisan Voter Reg Group Sues Homeland Security, City of Miami Beach over Denial of Access to New Citizens
Oct 2, 2008 NM Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
Jul 29, 2004 New revelations spark renewed demand for verifiable, auditable, recountable votes
Aug 24, 2006 New Forms of Voter Suppression Spreading Across America
Oct 27, 2004 Neas: Something Is "Terribly Wrong" in Ohio
May 3, 2001 Neas Urges Senate To Fix Nation’s Voting System And Protect Voting Rights
Dec 20, 2006 Neas Calls on Congress to Fight for 18,000 Disenfranchised Sarasota County Voters
Oct 16, 2004 Neas Calls for Justice Department Investigation in Continuing Florida Election Scandals
Nov 15, 2004 National Assessment & Action On Voting Systems Urgently Needed
Jul 6, 2004 More Questions than Answers
Nov 22, 2006 More Questions Arise About Competence and Impartiality of Sarasota Voting Machine Auditors
Sep 12, 2006 Montgomery County Officials Must Count Voters' Provisional Ballots
Mar 6, 2007 Momentum is Growing for Election Reform on Capitol Hill
Oct 17, 2006 Missouri Supreme Court Latest to Strike Down Modern Day Poll Tax
Feb 14, 2013 Missouri Faith Leaders Speak Out Against Voter ID Legislation
Aug 28, 2015 Micah Leadership Council Applauds Online Voter Registration in Pennsylvania
Feb 17, 2000 McCain Urged to Fire Top Campaign Adviser - New Material on Richard Quinn
Sep 20, 2006 Major New Survey Debunks ‘Values Voter’ Myths
Dec 20, 2002 Lott's Departure Turns Spotlight on White House, GOP
Mar 8, 2007 Legislation Restoring Habeas Introduced
Nov 24, 2004 Lawsuit Demands “Second Chance” for Counting Cuyahoga Provisional Ballots
Mar 12, 2007 Lawmakers Take First Step Toward Granting Full Representation for DC Residents
Jun 7, 2004 Kast Resignation Prompts New Concerns on Florida Voting Purge, Fall Election
Nov 18, 2005 Justice Department Actions Show Bush Administration's Lack of Commitment to Civil Rights
Jun 19, 2002 Juneteenth: A Celebration Of Freedom, A Call To Civic Participation
Sep 17, 2009 Indiana Court Declares State's Voter ID Law Unconstitutional
Jul 13, 2006 House Votes to Reauthorize Voting Rights Act, Rejects Attempts by Ultraconservatives to Gut Act
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