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Format: 2016-12-04
Format: 2016-12-04
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Apr 26, 2012 Top Lobbyist and ALEC Members Host Emergency Meeting with Arizona Legislators and Staff
Nov 28, 2006 Today’s Audit Unlikely to Yield Useful Information About Sarasota County Voting Machines
Jan 31, 2003 Title IX Commission Final Recommendations Could Deter Efforts to Provide Equal Opportunities
Jul 21, 2010 Three Young, Progressive Candidates Endorsed by PFAW Action Fund Win in Georgia Democratic Primary
Jun 30, 2000 Three New Ads Unveiled
Aug 26, 2004 Thousands Walk 'The Unemployment Line' at RNC Convention
Feb 12, 2013 Those Who Threaten the President’s Life Are Not Welcome at the State of the Union
Mar 7, 2003 Third Circuit Agrees Again: Internet Censorship Law Unconstitutional
Apr 22, 2011 The ‘Green Dragon’ Slayers: How the Religious Right and the Corporate Right are Joining Forces to Fight Environmental Protection
Dec 20, 2010 The Year of Living Shamelessly: Innovative E-Book Relives the Best Stories of the 2010 Elections
Jan 8, 2003 The White House Economic Plan and Judicial Nominations
Dec 9, 2010 The Violent Consequences of Glenn Beck’s Dangerous Rhetoric
Apr 23, 2004 The Truth About D.C. Vouchers
Oct 3, 2016 The Supreme Court Term 2016-2017: A Sabotaged Court Tries to Carry On, With Our Rights in the Balance
May 1, 2008 The Specter of More Right-Wing Judges
Apr 27, 2011 The Smithsonian’s Censorship Forum....Over Four Months Too Late
Jul 12, 2005 The Senate’s Co-Equal Role, Judicial Philosophy and the Timetable for a Supreme Court Nomination
Feb 16, 2007 The Senate Did What?
Apr 21, 2010 The Rise of the Corporate Court: How the Supreme Court is Putting Business First
Jun 25, 2009 The Ricci Ruling and the Sotomayor Nomination
Oct 8, 2009 The Pressure Is Building - Confirm Dawn Johnsen Now
Nov 12, 2013 The Nullification Strategy: How Senate Republicans Abuse the Filibuster to Undermine the Courts, Executive Agencies, and American Voters
Feb 1, 2005 The Nuclear Option in the Senate: A Preemptive Strike for Absolute Power
Apr 4, 2005 The Misrepresentations of Boyden Gray and the Radical Right Regarding the “Nuclear Option” and Judicial Filibusters
Jul 15, 2003 The Misrepresentations of Boyden Gray and the Committee for Justice
Aug 25, 2004 The Long Shadow of Jim Crow: People For the American Way Foundation and NAACP Release Report on Voter Intimidation and Suppression in America
Dec 20, 2006 The Lessons and Lasting Importance of Defeating the Nuclear Option
Mar 22, 2007 The Jersey Guys and the Obligation to Speak Out
Apr 24, 2003 The Importance of Selective Filibusters Against Bush’s Court-Packing Plan
Sep 30, 2002 The Honorable Patsy T. Mink 1927-2002
Sep 22, 2014 The GOP's Hate Summit: A Who’s Who Of The 2014 Values Voter Summit
Sep 30, 2004 The Future of the Supreme Court as an Issue in the Presidential Election
Jul 29, 2003 The Fortas Filibuster
Mar 25, 2011 The First Amendment Only Applies to Christians? PFAW Asks Candidates to Tell Bryan Fischer that the First Amendment Protects All Americans
Oct 30, 2013 The ENDA is Near: The Top Ten Religious Right Claims About the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (UPDATED)
Jul 8, 2013 The ENDA is Near: The Top Five Religious Right Claims About the Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Dec 13, 2006 The EAC's Voter Fraud Report: More Questions Than Answers
Jan 11, 2006 The Disappeared Witness
May 3, 2005 The Constitutional Con
Feb 13, 2003 The Bush Steamroller on Judges: Good News, Bad News
Feb 6, 2004 The Bush Budget: Where Good Education Programs Go To Die
Apr 23, 2004 The Bush Administration Vs. The Constitution
Apr 13, 2011 The Bullying Advocates: Report Exposes the Religious Right's Effort to Stop Anti-Bullying Programs in Schools
Mar 2, 2005 The Amazing Case of the Disappearing Reversals
May 24, 2007 Texas Voter ID Bill Blocked In Senate
Mar 2, 2016 Texas Student Taylor Crumpton Speaks Out for Reproductive Access at Supreme Court
May 25, 2010 Texas School Board Votes to Omit Labor Leader Dolores Huerta from Curriculum
Mar 5, 2008 Texas School Board Agrees To Stop Teaching Unconstitutional Bible Class In Public Schools
May 7, 2004 Texas School "Suspends" Policy Prohibiting Same-Sex Prom Dates
Aug 30, 2012 Texas Pastors Celebrate Court’s Rejection of Voter ID
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