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Jun 25, 2009 The Ricci Ruling and the Sotomayor Nomination
Jun 29, 2009 Supreme Court Rules Against Diversity in Ricci
Jun 30, 2009 Minnesota Supreme Court Rules for Franken
Jul 8, 2009 PFAW Names Activist Leader Michael B. Keegan New President
Jul 9, 2009 Massachusetts Sues U.S. over DOMA
Jul 13, 2009 Day One of Confirmation Hearings a Big Win for Sotomayor
Jul 13, 2009 PFAW Statement on Frank Ricci Discrimination Cases
Jul 14, 2009 Sotomayor Excels at Day Two of Confirmation Hearings
Jul 14, 2009 Senator Hatch Attacks Straw Man over Ricci 'Smear'
Jul 17, 2009 Senate Includes Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act in DOD Authorization
Jul 27, 2009 Senate to Hold Hearings on Don't Ask Don't Tell
Jul 28, 2009 Senate Judiciary Committee Votes in Favor of Sotomayor
Aug 5, 2009 Bipartisan Employment Non-Discrimination Act Introduced in the Senate
Aug 6, 2009 In Historic Senate Vote, Judge Sonia Sotomayor Confirmed to the Supreme Court
Aug 17, 2009 Brief Highlights Need for DOMA Repeal
Aug 26, 2009 Sen. Ted Kennedy: "His voice is stilled, his legacy lives on"
Sep 9, 2009 Why Did the GOP Choose a "Birther" to Deliver Health Care Address Rebuttal?
Sep 10, 2009 Congressman Joe Wilson: The Tip of the Right Wing Iceberg
Sep 15, 2009 Legislation to Dump DOMA Introduced in Congress
Sep 17, 2009 Indiana Court Declares State's Voter ID Law Unconstitutional
Sep 17, 2009 Outside Religious Right Groups Targeting Marriage Equality in Maine With a Prop 8-Style Campaign Based on Lies and Big Money
Sep 18, 2009 Department of Justice Brief Defends DOMA in Marriage Case
Sep 21, 2009 Bishop Harry Jackson Worried That Right Wing Racism Hurts His Anti-Gay Crusade
Oct 1, 2009 Kevin Jennings Will Keep Schools Safe for All
Oct 6, 2009 Senate Confirms Thomas Perez
Oct 8, 2009 The Pressure Is Building - Confirm Dawn Johnsen Now
Oct 9, 2009 Final Hate Crimes Legislation Passes House
Oct 16, 2009 Right Wing Attacks Against Kevin Jennings Put Politics Above Student Safety
Oct 16, 2009 Mormon Leader Compares Pro-Equality Activists to Violent Segregationists
Oct 19, 2009 DOJ Files Motion in Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Case
Oct 22, 2009 Hate Crimes Prevention Act Passes the Senate
Oct 26, 2009 People For the American Way Foundation Welcomes New Director of Young People For, Rebecca Thompson
Oct 26, 2009 Rev. Samuel Statement on Marriage Hearing
Oct 28, 2009 Obama Signs Hate Crimes Legislation into Law
Nov 3, 2009 YEO Network Reaches Critical Milestone of Members in All 50 States
Nov 5, 2009 Report Exposes Campaign of Racial Attacks from Far Right
Nov 5, 2009 Maine Passes Anti-Marriage Referendum
Nov 6, 2009 Statement on Shooting at Fort Hood
Nov 17, 2009 Sessions' 'Extraordinary' Filibuster Falls Short Judge David Hamilton Advances
Nov 19, 2009 Hamilton Becomes Just Seventh Obama Nominee Confirmed to Federal Bench
Nov 23, 2009 Right Wing "Manhattan Declaration" Sidesteps Moral Call to Protect All People
Nov 30, 2009 Rev. Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel Statement on the Upcoming Vote on the DC Marriage Bill
Dec 1, 2009 DC Council Gives Preliminary Approval to Marriage Equality Legislation
Dec 2, 2009 Keep Stupak Amendment Out of Senate Health Care Bill
Dec 3, 2009 Report: Rise of the New McCarthyism
Dec 7, 2009 Harshbarger Report Provides Path Forward for Key Community Organizing Group
Dec 8, 2009 Extreme Anti-Choice Measure Voted Down in Senate
Dec 15, 2009 DC Council Passes Marriage Equality Legislation
Jan 7, 2010 President Obama to Renominate Dawn Johnsen and Other 2009 Nominees
Jan 7, 2010 New Jersey State Senate Defeats Marriage Equality Legislation
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