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Nov 4, 1999 Illinois Tuitition Tax Credit Unfair to Poor Kids and Families
Sep 24, 2002 Illinois Tuition Tax Credit Law Delivers Windfall for Affluent Families
May 17, 2001 Illinois County School Officials Urged to Steer Clear of 'Bible as History' Course
Dec 6, 2001 Ideology Reigns at Ashcroft Justice Department
Dec 10, 2007 Huckabee v. Huckabee
Jan 15, 2008 Huckabee Seeks to Amend Constitution to Meet ‘God’s standards’
Feb 18, 2011 House-Passes Devastating Amendment in Latest Attack in the GOP's War on Women
May 28, 2010 House, Senate Armed Services Committee Take Critical Steps Toward Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
Jul 13, 2006 House Votes to Reauthorize Voting Rights Act, Rejects Attempts by Ultraconservatives to Gut Act
Jul 25, 2005 House Votes To Reauthorize Usa Patriot Act
Mar 30, 2011 House Votes to Impose Costly, Ineffective and Constitutionally Troubling Voucher Program on DC
Sep 27, 2006 House Sends Message to Women: Your Health and Rights Are Expendable for Political Gain
Dec 15, 2010 House Sends Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal to Senate
Oct 14, 2011 House Republicans Push Dangerous Social Agenda
May 2, 2007 House Reauthorizes Head Start with Anti-Discrimination Rules Intact
Jan 6, 2011 House Reads the Constitution, Should Defend Its Values
Sep 26, 2006 House Passes Unprecedented Restrictions on Efforts to Uphold Civil Rights, Civil Liberties
Sep 20, 2006 House Passes Reprehensible Voter Disenfranchisement Bill
May 8, 2003 House Passes Job Training Bill That Undermines Equal Opportunity
Apr 29, 2009 House Passes Hate Crimes Legislation
Jul 22, 2004 House Passes Direct Attack on Constitution, Gay and Lesbian Americans
Sep 5, 2003 House Passes DC Voucher Amendment Despite Local Opposition
Nov 8, 2007 House Passes Ban on Job Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation
Jul 18, 2006 House of Representatives Rejects Move to Write Discrimination Into the Constitution
May 4, 2011 House Moves to Deny Women’s Constitutionally-Protected Rights
Jul 30, 2008 House Judiciary Committee Votes to Hold Rove in Contempt
Jan 22, 2004 House Judiciary Committee Undermines Women's Reproductive Rights
Dec 9, 2005 House Judiciary Committee Passes Immigration Bill that Won’t Solve Problem
Aug 17, 2006 House Judiciary Committee Holds Another Sham Immigration Hearing
Feb 14, 2008 House Holds Miers, Bolten in Contempt
Feb 11, 2011 House GOP Playing Politics With Women’s Health
Mar 4, 2005 House Eliminates Civil Rights Protections in Job Training Investment Act
Jun 15, 2004 House Committee Rejects Pulpit Politics
May 20, 2010 House Committee Approves DISCLOSE Act
Dec 19, 2005 House Caves to Right, Passes Immigration Bill that Won’t Solve Problem
Feb 26, 2004 House Attacks Women’s Reproductive Rights
May 25, 2006 Hopes for Fair and Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bolstered by Passage of Senate Measure, Though Significant Obstacles Remain
Jun 25, 2007 Hope For Fair 2008 Elections Renewed With House Passage of Deceptive Practices Legislation
Apr 15, 2010 Honoring Dr. Benjamin Hooks
Jan 31, 2006 Honoring Coretta Scott King
Aug 10, 2004 Homeland Security Denies New Citizens Access to Vote
Nov 19, 2002 Homeland Security Act Poses Threat to Government Oversight, Civil Rights and Liberties
Dec 1, 2008 Holder: A Solid Pick for Attorney General
Jan 28, 2009 Holder Nomination Approved By Judiciary Committee
Apr 14, 2010 Hodes Introduces Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United
Apr 14, 2015 Hillary Clinton To Make Money in Politics a Focus of Her Campaign
Jan 9, 2009 High Court to Hear Voting Rights Case
Apr 24, 2006 Hello?!? Texas to Legislators: Vote NO on House Bills 1 and 2
Oct 10, 2003 Hell Freezes Over
Jan 19, 2006 Hearing Confirms Alito Wrong Choice for America
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