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Format: 2016-10-21
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Nov 5, 2015 Over 25,000 Call on Cruz, Huckabee, Jindal & GOP to Renounce Kevin Swanson
Nov 4, 2015 Americans Across the Nation Vote to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Nov 4, 2015 Latino Voters A Key Piece to McPike’s Victory
Nov 4, 2015 Washington, DC Comedian and Stay-at-Home Dad Enlists the Help of Infant Daughter to Protest Big Money in Politics
Oct 29, 2015 PFAW Urges GOP Candidates To Drop Out of Summit With Pastor Who Defends Death Penalty For Gays
Oct 29, 2015 Los Angeles Marketing Professional Creates Video Spoof About the Dangers of Big Money in Politics to Support Campaign Finance Reform
Oct 21, 2015 Student Uses Online Video to Help Get Big Money Out of Politics and Spread the Word About Campaign Finance Reform
Oct 20, 2015 PFAW Releases Spanish-Language GOTV Radio Ad in Virginia
Oct 14, 2015 Animated Video Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Oct 13, 2015 PFAW Statement on NH House Committee Vote on Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Oct 7, 2015 Compelling Video on Gyrocopter Pilot’s Fight for Campaign Finance Solutions Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Oct 5, 2015 PFAW Statement on Confirmation of Judge Dale Drozd
Oct 2, 2015 PFAW Statement on O’Malley Plan to Address Money in Politics
Oct 1, 2015 Reckless Obstruction: Blocking Nominees, Blocking Justice
Sep 30, 2015 PFAW Calls on Republican Presidential Candidates to Renounce Frank Gaffney
Sep 30, 2015 New Satirical Video Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Sep 29, 2015 PFAW Releases Report on Center For Medical Progress’ Roots in the Radical Fringes of the Anti-Choice Movement
Sep 26, 2015 Edit Memo: The Supreme Court's 2015-2016 Term Preview
Sep 25, 2015 Boehner Tried to Lead the Party of Reagan, Got Fired by the Party of Trump
Sep 24, 2015 New PFAW Report Examines Supreme Court Nominations as a Critical 2016 Election Issue
Sep 23, 2015 Rap Activist Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Sep 16, 2015 Student Debt Crisis Advocate Wins $1,000 Cash in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Sep 10, 2015 Young Elected Officials Network Crosses 1,000 Member Threshold
Sep 9, 2015 Student Video Awarded $1,000 Prize in Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Sep 8, 2015 PFAW Statement on Clinton Plan To Address Money in Politics
Sep 3, 2015 PFAW Foundation Applauds McAuliffe’s Restoration of Voting Rights
Sep 2, 2015 First $1,000 Weekly Winner Announced in Video Contest to Get Big Money Out of Politics
Aug 28, 2015 Micah Leadership Council Applauds Online Voter Registration in Pennsylvania
Aug 28, 2015 PFAW Releases Report on Seven Tactics Aimed at Chipping Away at Reproductive Choice in the States
Aug 17, 2015 PFAW Mourns the Passing of Board Member Julian Bond
Aug 12, 2015 Groups Launch Innovative Video Contest With $64,000 In Cash Prizes To Target Out Of Control Campaign Finance System
Aug 6, 2015 PFAW: On 50th Anniversary of VRA, Congress Must Restore Voting Protections
Aug 3, 2015 PFAW Releases Report Detailing Activists and Ideology Behind Planned Parenthood Attacks
Jul 23, 2015 PFAW and Allies Release Money in Politics Reform Agenda for 2016 Candidates
Jul 22, 2015 PFAW Releases Ad Highlighting Walker's ALEC Allegiance
Jul 13, 2015 People For the American Way, Voces de la Frontera Action Launch Spanish-Language Radio Ad Challenging Walker
Jul 13, 2015 Dolores Huerta Speaks Out Against Scott Walker’s Record and Policies
Jul 9, 2015 People For the American Way Foundation Applauds FL Supreme Court for Striking Down Gerrymandered Districts
Jul 9, 2015 AAMLC Commends the Passage of Legislation to Take Down the Confederate Flag at the SC Capitol
Jun 26, 2015 PFAW Foundation Applauds Obergefell Decision as “a Landmark for Justice”
Jun 25, 2015 PFAW Foundation Statement on Fair Housing and Obamacare Wins at the Supreme Court
Jun 25, 2015 PFAW: Voting Rights Advancement Act is Urgently Needed to Protect Against Discrimination at the Polls
Jun 25, 2015 PFAW to Join Rally to Restore the Voting Rights Act on Shelby County Anniversary
Jun 18, 2015 PFAW Foundation Mourns the Loss of Rev. Clementa Pinckney, a Member of Our Family
Jun 15, 2015 PFAW Releases Spanish-Language Ad Criticizing Jeb Bush
Jun 11, 2015 Clayton, NC Pastor Speaks Out About Discriminatory Marriage Law
May 21, 2015 PFAW Criticizes Ted Cruz for Speaking with Far-Right Gun Owners of America
May 19, 2015 Activists Deliver 12,089 Petitions Calling on Senator Ayotte to Support Constitutional Amendment to Get Big Money Out of Politics
May 18, 2015 Edit Memo: Responses from Republican Presidential Candidates, Former and Current Elected Officials and their Far Right Base to President Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration
Apr 30, 2015 PFAW Foundation Releases Report on the Personhood Movement
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