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Format: 2016-07-26
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May 27, 2004 Employment Opportunities
May 25, 2004 Americans “Courting Disaster” with Next Supreme Court Justices
May 20, 2004 Selective Prosecution Against Greenpeace Thrown Out of Court
May 17, 2004 Narrow Supreme Court Ruling Highlights Fragility of Civil Rights Enforcement
May 14, 2004 New Report Highlights Crisis in Illinois Schools
May 14, 2004 UPDATE: No rule changes for at least 90 days, says FEC
May 13, 2004 Statement of Ralph G. Neas on the House Constitution Subcommittee Hearing on the Federal Marriage Amendment
May 13, 2004 Ashcroft on Brown vs. Board: Praise in Words, Not Deeds
May 11, 2004 FEC’s Latest Proposal Still Threatens Nonprofit Advocacy
May 10, 2004 Florida Felon Purge: Here We Go Again
May 7, 2004 Texas School "Suspends" Policy Prohibiting Same-Sex Prom Dates
May 7, 2004 FDA Ruling Means More Abortions, Less Safety For American Women
May 4, 2004 6 Months to Election Day: Are We Ready?
May 4, 2004 Florida Know Your Rights/Election Protection program
Apr 26, 2004 Partisan Ideologue Brett Kavanaugh Underqualified and Unfit for Nation’s Second Most Powerful Court
Apr 23, 2004 The Truth About D.C. Vouchers
Apr 23, 2004 The Bush Administration Vs. The Constitution
Apr 21, 2004 PFAW Praises Legislation to Promote Women's Health and Reproductive Rights in the Wake of Anti-Choice Roll Backs
Apr 20, 2004 Fulfilling the American Dream for Immigrant Youth
Apr 20, 2004 Myers Post-Hearing: Still Unfit to Judge
Apr 19, 2004 Free Speech Challenge to Vast New FCC Restrictions Filed
Apr 16, 2004 PFAW Foundation Files Joint Brief With Rutherford Institute, Human Rights First to Defend Constitutional Due Process Protections
Apr 14, 2004 Advocates And Activists Across Political Spectrum Converge On Fec To Oppose Rules Restricting Nonprofit Advocacy
Apr 9, 2004 Education Tax Credit A Sham For Iowa Parents, Taxpayers
Apr 8, 2004 Coalition To Protect Nonprofit Advocacy Opposes Proposed Restraints On Free Speech Under Consideration By Fec
Apr 5, 2004 Massachusetts Vote To Prohibit Marriage For Same-Sex Couples A Retreat From And Defeat For Equality
Apr 1, 2004 Myers Wins Narrow Judiciary Committee Vote
Mar 29, 2004 William G. Myers: An “Activist” Lobbying from the Federal Bench?
Mar 26, 2004 Senate Sends Dangerous Legislation To President’s Desk
Mar 25, 2004 Free Speech Victory In Virginia Internet Case
Mar 10, 2004 Senate Hearing: Waving the Flag, Not Saving It
Mar 10, 2004 Paige Remarks On School Oversight “Stunning, Hypocritical”
Mar 4, 2004 Statement Of Ralph G. Neas on FEC Rulemaking
Mar 3, 2004 Senate Marriage Hearing Built On False Premise
Feb 26, 2004 House Attacks Women’s Reproductive Rights
Feb 25, 2004 Supreme Court Upholds State Religious Liberty Provisions
Feb 24, 2004 Bush Plays Destructive And Divisive Politics With Constitution
Feb 23, 2004 Secretary Paige Smears Teachers Group as 'Terrorist'
Feb 20, 2004 White House Puts Politics First, Constitution Last With Appalling Recess Appointment Of Bill Pryor
Feb 13, 2004 Laurence Silberman: the Right Man or the Right's Man?
Feb 11, 2004 A Constitutional Amendment to Deny Marriage Rights: Extreme and Extremely Harmful
Feb 11, 2004 Civil Rights Act of 2004 Introduced in House and Senate
Feb 6, 2004 The Bush Budget: Where Good Education Programs Go To Die
Feb 5, 2004 Voting Rights Threatened by Waller County District Attorney
Feb 5, 2004 Failed Leadership Behind Florida's Education Fiascoes
Feb 4, 2004 Public Interest Groups Challenge FEC Threat to Public Debate
Feb 2, 2004 Latest Judicial Nominee Takes Aim at Government's Ability to Protect Rights of All Americans and our Natural Resources
Feb 2, 2004 Parents Sue Manatee County School Board To Stop Board’s Unconstitutional Practice of Beginning Meetings With Sectarian Prayer
Jan 29, 2004 11th Circuit Upholds Anti-Gay Florida Adoption Law
Jan 27, 2004 PFAW Foundation Documents Disturbing Decisions by Bush Judges
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