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Format: 2016-12-07
Date Title
Feb 5, 2004 Failed Leadership Behind Florida's Education Fiascoes
Feb 4, 2004 Public Interest Groups Challenge FEC Threat to Public Debate
Feb 2, 2004 Latest Judicial Nominee Takes Aim at Government's Ability to Protect Rights of All Americans and our Natural Resources
Feb 2, 2004 Parents Sue Manatee County School Board To Stop Board’s Unconstitutional Practice of Beginning Meetings With Sectarian Prayer
Jan 29, 2004 11th Circuit Upholds Anti-Gay Florida Adoption Law
Jan 27, 2004 PFAW Foundation Documents Disturbing Decisions by Bush Judges
Jan 22, 2004 House Judiciary Committee Undermines Women's Reproductive Rights
Jan 22, 2004 DC Voucher Opposition Rally Statement by Ralph G. Neas
Jan 20, 2004 Senate Battle Over Omnibus Bill Blocks DC School Vouchers — For Now
Jan 16, 2004 Neas Calls Pickering Recess Appointment 'Absolutely Outrageous'
Jan 8, 2004 Grassroots Groups Launch Tv Ad Against Flawed Bush Immigration Policy
Dec 18, 2003 Appeals Court Rebukes Bush on Enemy Combatant
Dec 17, 2003 Celebrating Community, Faith and Civic Participation
Dec 17, 2003 Bush Claims Mantle of Tolerance While Supporting Constitutional Requirement of Harmful Discrimination
Dec 11, 2003 Selective Prosecution Against Dissenting Groups Would Set Devastating Precedent
Dec 9, 2003 Replicating Failure: Colorado Vouchers Mimic Other States' Mistakes
Dec 3, 2003 Voucher Victory in Colorado!
Nov 26, 2003 Senators Introduce First-Ever Constitutional Amendment to Require Discrimination
Nov 21, 2003 Funding a Movement
Nov 19, 2003 Senate Discards Private School Vouchers
Nov 18, 2003 Victory in Massachusetts! Highest State Court Recognizes Right to Same-Sex Marriages
Nov 18, 2003 Major General Robert Clark: Promoted
Nov 18, 2003 Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Recognized Right of Same-Sex Couples to Marry
Nov 14, 2003 Neas: GOP Strategy "Backfired"
Nov 13, 2003 Neas: What You Didn't Hear
Nov 12, 2003 We Need a Judicial Debate that is Really About the Judiciary
Nov 5, 2003 “Meet the New Vote, Same as the Old Vote”
Nov 5, 2003 "Partial Birth Abortion Act of 2003" Unconstitutional
Nov 4, 2003 Republicans File Cloture on Pickering Nomination
Nov 4, 2003 Analysis: Brown's Hearing Reinforces Case Against Her Extreme Views on Civil Rights and Access to Justice
Oct 30, 2003 Pickering Filibustered!
Oct 21, 2003 Judicial Nominee Janice Rogers Brown - To the Right of Thomas and Scalia
Oct 10, 2003 Hell Freezes Over
Oct 9, 2003 Prop. 54 Defeated in California!
Oct 2, 2003 Republicans Push Pickering Nomination to Senate Floor Despite Dismal Record on Constitutional and Civil Rights
Oct 1, 2003 PFAW & PFAWF Events
Sep 29, 2003 PFAW Foundation and Allies Appeal Secret Arrest Case to Supreme Court
Sep 24, 2003 PFAW Letter Opposing New Vote on Charles Pickering
Sep 9, 2003 New Report Details Attacks on Civil Liberties and on Civil Rights Protections
Sep 5, 2003 Nathan Lane Begins Off-Broadway Run as Blacklisted Hollywood Screenwriter Dalton Trumbo
Sep 5, 2003 House Passes DC Voucher Amendment Despite Local Opposition
Sep 4, 2003 Senate Anti-Gay Marriage Hearing a Divisive Diversion
Sep 4, 2003 Estrada Withdraws
Sep 4, 2003 DC Voucher Plan OK’d by Senate Appropriations Committee
Sep 4, 2003 DC Voucher Plan OK'd By Senate Appropriations Committee
Aug 28, 2003 'Far Right Dream Judge' Janice Rogers Brown Joins Lineup of Extremist Appeals Court Nominees
Aug 15, 2003 Ten Commandments Judge Says He Won’t Obey Court Order
Aug 13, 2003 Far-Right Funders Back African-American Voucher Advocacy Group (BAEO)
Aug 1, 2003 New Legislation Will Counter Civil Liberties Dangers of Patriot Act
Jul 31, 2003 PFAW Foundation Joins With Unlikely Allies in Brief Against Unauthorized, Unconstitutional Padilla Detention
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