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Format: 2014-08-22
Date Title
Nov 4, 1999 Illinois Tuitition Tax Credit Unfair to Poor Kids and Families
Oct 21, 1999 Voucher Schools Balk at State Enforcement of Voucher Law
Aug 24, 1999 PFAW Joins Fight Against Voucher Ballot Inititative in Michigan
May 6, 1999 Milwaukee Religious Schools Flout State Voucher Law
Apr 20, 1999 New Report Details Links Between Charity & Vested Interests In Campaign Against Public Schools
Mar 24, 1999 24 Schools Flout Wisconsin Law, Risk Expulsion From Voucher Program, DPI Warns
Feb 2, 1999 Voucher Schools Violating Wisconsin Law on Student Admissions
Dec 23, 1998 Lawsuit Seeks to Protect Teachers from Prop. 227's "Sword of Damocles"
Dec 16, 1998 Congress Urged to Heed Public and Vote Against Impeachment
Dec 14, 1998 New Radio Ads Urge Intensified Nationwide Phone-In Campaign
Dec 8, 1998 Action Plan for Stronger Public Schools and Tougher Voucher School Standards Unveiled for Milwaukee
Nov 23, 1998 Federal Court Strikes Down Loudoun County Internet Restrictions
Nov 17, 1998 Every Candidate for Top Three GOP Posts Scored 100 Percent on Latest Christian Coalition Scorecard
Nov 9, 1998 Supreme Court Sets Stage for More Confusion Over Vouchers
Nov 5, 1998 President, First Lady Honor PFAWF Officials for Arts Advocacy
Nov 4, 1998 Religious Right's Election Debacle Prompts Christian Coalition's Sudden Conversion
Nov 4, 1998 Religious Right Called the Tune, but Voters Wouldn't Dance
Oct 29, 1998 New "Move On" Ads Launched for Final Countdown to Elections
Sep 24, 1998 'Son of CDA' is an Affront to Free Speech, Would Hurt Adult Access to Internet
Sep 17, 1998 IRS Urged to Move Against Christian Coalition for Violating Tax Exemption
Sep 10, 1998 School Voucher Controversy Escalates as National African American Leaders Coalesce Around Issue
Sep 10, 1998 Americans Tell Congress, "Let's Move On"
Sep 9, 1998 Senate Urges to Oppose Flag Amendment
Sep 9, 1998 Virginia Parents Ask Court to Stop Loudoun County Library's Internet Censorship
Sep 2, 1998 New Day for Lee County, FL Schools
Aug 31, 1998 PFAWF asks U.S.Supreme Court to strike down Wisconsin Vouchers
Aug 26, 1998 Milwaukee's Vouchers Leave Public Schools More Than $29 Million Short
Aug 19, 1998 PFAW Spokesperson to respond to Citizen Flag Alliance ad campaign to diminish Bill of Rights
Aug 18, 1998 Religious Right's Hate Tactics Documented in Hostile Climate, 1998 Edition
Aug 17, 1998 Taxpayers may not be forced to pay for religious schools, federal court rules
Jul 28, 1998 PFAWF calls upon Pennsylvania Court to invalidate state voucher plan
Jul 22, 1998 PFAW Urges Congress to take a stand against hatred and job discrimination
Jul 12, 1998 PFAW President Calls Coverdell Scheme Tragic Waste
Jun 17, 1998 Don't Send Freedom Up in Smoke
Jun 16, 1998 Don't Use Violent Incidents as Excuse for Censorship, Congress is Urged
Jun 10, 1998 Wisconsin Supreme Court Puts Milwaukee School Plan on Collision Course with U.S. Constitution
Jun 4, 1998 Rep. Istook Continues to Distort Facts About Religious Freedom
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