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Format: 2014-12-20
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Dec 18, 2010 African American Ministers in Action Reacts to Sinking of DREAM Act
Jan 28, 2013 African American Ministers in Action Praise Inclusion of Path to Citizenship in Bipartisan Senate Immigration Proposal
May 22, 2012 African American Ministers in Action Praise Confirmation of Paul Watford, Urge Continued Diversity in Obama’s Judicial Nominations
Dec 19, 2011 African American Ministers In Action Join with White House to Promote Jobs
Sep 20, 2013 African American Ministers in Action Condemn House GOP’s “Heartless” Vote to Slash Food Stamps
Feb 26, 2014 African American Ministers In Action Condemn Cuts to Ohio Early Voting
Sep 9, 2011 African American Ministers In Action Applauds Obama’s Jobs Plan
Sep 8, 2010 African American Ministers In Action Applauds Obama Jobs Program
Jan 16, 2014 African American Ministers in Action Applauds Introduction of VRA Legislation
Oct 19, 2005 African American Ministers Convene to Address the State of Black America
Jan 19, 2011 African American Clergy Condemn Vote to Repeal Health Care Reform
Apr 1, 2003 Affirmative Action on the Line at the Supreme Court
Apr 14, 2004 Advocates And Activists Across Political Spectrum Converge On Fec To Oppose Rules Restricting Nonprofit Advocacy
Apr 10, 2012 Advocacy Groups Launch Petition Drive Urging Companies to Quit ALEC
Sep 29, 2008 Ads Focus Spotlight on Fair Pay, Supreme Court
Apr 1, 2002 ADA Watch Action Fund Reacts to Reynolds Recess Appointment
Jan 22, 2008 Ad Campaign Holds Susan Collins Accountable for Votes to Confirm Bush’s Supreme Court Nominees
Sep 12, 2014 Activists Rally Outside Sen. McConnell’s Campaign Office in Louisville in Support of Constitutional Amendment
Oct 3, 2014 Activists Protest Outside McConnell/Romney High-Dollar Lexington Fundraiser
Jul 24, 2012 Activists Deliver 1.9 Million Petitions Calling for Constitutional Amendment to Protect Democracy
Dec 8, 1998 Action Plan for Stronger Public Schools and Tougher Voucher School Standards Unveiled for Milwaukee
Oct 17, 2008 ACORN Hit by Threats and Vandalism in Wake of McCain Comments
Mar 11, 2003 Abortion Ban Bill Unconstitutional
Nov 2, 2010 ABC Drops Andrew Breitbart
Mar 27, 2012 AAMLC: Anti-Equality Documents Expose NOM’s Cynical Wedge Strategy
Aug 30, 2012 AAMLC Praises Expansion of Florida Voter Registration Rights
Dec 22, 2011 AAMIA's Rev. Dr. Shine Joins President Obama at Press Conference in Support of Working Americans
Apr 17, 2007 AAMIA Chair Rev. Tim McDonald Joins 40-Member Delegation of Political Leaders to Monitor Nigeria’s Elections
May 19, 2005 AAMIA Chair Responds to Outrageous Claims that Racism and Sexism Are Behind Opposition to Brown, Owen Nominations
Jul 2, 2010 AAMIA and AAMLC Statement on the President’s Remarks on Immigration Reform
Jan 31, 2005 A True Judicial Emergency
Jan 13, 2012 A Movement Moment: Growing Support for Overturning Citizens United
Nov 2, 2001 A Disgraceful Silence Prevails In Florida
Feb 11, 2004 A Constitutional Amendment to Deny Marriage Rights: Extreme and Extremely Harmful
Aug 2, 2006 A Blinding Flash of the Obvious Named “Best of the Fest” at Breckenridge Film Festival
Jul 12, 2000 75 Years After Scopes' Conviction, Creationism-Evolution Drama is Recreated in Kansas Theatre
May 27, 2003 6-3 Supreme Court Decision Deals Blow to States' Rights Ideology, Strengthens Worker Protections
May 4, 2004 6 Months to Election Day: Are We Ready?
Dec 20, 2006 50 Percent of New Yorkers Fail New 10-Question Naturalization Exam in Informal Survey
Feb 14, 2012 50 Organizations Present Letter to Congress Requesting Hearings on Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
Mar 22, 2013 42 Young Elected Officials Call on Congress to Adopt Common-Sense Gun Violence Prevention Reforms
Jun 7, 2005 40th Anniversary of Griswold Highlights Threat to Privacy Rights from Future Supreme Court Nominees
Mar 24, 1999 24 Schools Flout Wisconsin Law, Risk Expulsion From Voucher Program, DPI Warns
Apr 12, 2011 2011 Budget Deal Includes Costly, Ineffective and Constitutionally Troubling Voucher Program in DC
Jun 29, 2001 2000-01 Supreme Court Term Shows Balance At The Brink
Jun 17, 2010 20 Questions for Solicitor General Kagan
Nov 28, 2012 16 Iowa and National Groups Call on Grassley to End Routine Delay of Judicial Nominations
Aug 2, 2012 12 Rules for Mixing Religion and Politics – A People For the American Way Foundation Report with a Foreword by Bill Moyers
Jan 29, 2004 11th Circuit Upholds Anti-Gay Florida Adoption Law
Sep 24, 1998 'Son of CDA' is an Affront to Free Speech, Would Hurt Adult Access to Internet
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