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Jul 13, 2006 Senate Appropriations Committee Expands DC School Voucher Program
Sep 4, 2003 Senate Anti-Gay Marriage Hearing a Divisive Diversion
Jul 20, 2007 Senate 'Fair Pay Restoration Act' Would Correct the Court on Pay Discrimination
Aug 26, 2009 Sen. Ted Kennedy: "His voice is stilled, his legacy lives on"
Nov 8, 2005 Sen. Obama Targets Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation with ‘Sorely Needed’ Legislation
Jun 8, 2007 Sen. Martinez Stands Up For Immigration Reform
Aug 12, 2016 Sen. Kelly Ayotte Thinks Trump’s Shortlist to Fill the Supreme Court Vacancy Is “a Good Start”
Feb 24, 2016 Sen. Kelly Ayotte Should Fulfill Constitutional Duties or Resign
Jul 23, 2003 Sen. Hatch and Judiciary Committee Allies Sink to New Low
Mar 6, 2009 Sen. DeMint Attacks DC School Children
Feb 7, 2003 Selective Use of Filibuster Could Be the Only Hope for Bipartisan Resolution on Judicial Nominations
May 20, 2004 Selective Prosecution Against Greenpeace Thrown Out of Court
Dec 11, 2003 Selective Prosecution Against Dissenting Groups Would Set Devastating Precedent
Feb 23, 2004 Secretary Paige Smears Teachers Group as 'Terrorist'
Feb 23, 2007 Secretary of State’s FL-13 Audit Report Whitewashes Clear Evidence of Voting Machine Problems in Sarasota
Mar 28, 2007 Secretary of State Brunner Ushers in New Era in Ohio Elections With Call For Resignation of Cuyahoga County Board of Elections Officials
Jul 18, 2006 Secretary of Education and Congressional Leaders Introduce National Voucher Program
May 1, 2007 Secret Gonzales Memo Shows Politics Reigned Supreme at DOJ
Jul 12, 2000 Scopes Trial's 75th Anniversary and Today's Evolution Dispute Spark Theatre and Debate in Lawrence, KS
Jan 10, 2006 Schumer Questioning 'Masterful'
Sep 10, 1998 School Voucher Controversy Escalates as National African American Leaders Coalesce Around Issue
Jun 5, 2007 Schlozman Reveals More Disarray in DOJ
Oct 11, 2012 SC African American Ministers: Voter ID Decision Shows Continued Need for Voting Rights Act
Jun 20, 2007 Sarasota Voters Have to Wait Even Longer For An Explanation of What Happened Last November
Jan 23, 2007 Sarasota Voters File Pleadings Opposing Attempt By Supervisor of Elections to Compromise Election Evidence
Nov 21, 2006 Sarasota Voters File Lawsuit for Revote in Congressional Race
Aug 31, 2008 Sarah Palin: McCain's Birthday Gift to the Right
Apr 23, 2003 Santorum’s Anti-Gay Remarks Fit Pattern of Discrimination
Mar 29, 2007 Sampson: Gonzales Knew of Attorney Firing Plan in 2005
Nov 1, 2004 Run-Up to Election Exposes Widespread Barriers to Voting
Dec 6, 2007 Romney: Still No JFK
Sep 29, 2011 Romney to Share Stage with Bryan Fischer; PFAW Urges Candidates to Denounce Bigotry
May 1, 2012 Romney Surrenders to Religious Right by Forcing Out Gay Spokesman
Sep 21, 2011 Romney Still Thinks Corporations are People. They Still Aren’t.
Apr 19, 2012 Romney and Bork, a Dangerous Team: People For the American Way Campaign Exposes Romney’s Embrace of Judicial Extremism
Aug 3, 2005 Roberts’ Views on Privacy Raise Further Doubts
Jul 8, 2003 Robertson’s Rage – There He Goes Again
May 2, 2001 Robertson And Right-Wing Allies Brag Of Control Over Bush Agenda
Sep 15, 2005 Roberts' Evasive Testimony Elevates Concerns Raised by His Record
Sep 14, 2005 Roberts' 'So-Called' Commitment to Privacy
Sep 5, 2005 Roberts Wrong Choice to Be Chief Justice of the United States
Jan 21, 2010 Roberts Court Puts Corporate Power above Individual Rights
Sep 29, 2005 Roberts Confirmed as Chief Justice
Aug 8, 2005 Roberts Called Rehnquist Court ‘Not Very Conservative’
Aug 7, 2005 Roberts Called Rehnquist Court "Not Very Conservative"
Sep 22, 2005 Roberts Advances Out of Committee
Apr 21, 2006 RNC Launches Orwellian Immigration Ad Campaign
Apr 10, 2002 Right-Wing Push On Judges, Estrada Nomination Grounded In False Information, Unfair Accusations
Jan 24, 2003 Right-Wing Legal Activists Sutton and Cook Set For Appeals Court Confirmation Hearings
Oct 4, 2001 Right-Wing Leader Urges Discrimination In Sept. 11 Aid
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