The Case Against the Confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General of the United States: PART I

Ashcroft’s opposition to gun safety and gun control

Ashcroft was ranked as one of the NRA’s most reliable votes in the Senate, which reportedly spent close to $400,000 on behalf of his reelection campaign. A look at several of Ashcroft’s efforts in opposition to restricting access to guns shows why.

In 1999, Ashcroft was one of only 20 Senators to vote against an amendment to prohibit the sale or transfer of guns without safety locks. (S. 254, 5/18/99, 78Y-20N.) During his campaign for the Senate, Ashcroft opposed a ban on assault weapons. St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Oct. 25, 1994). And in 1999, Ashcroft urged Missouri voters to legalize the carrying of concealed weapons.

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