Evolution and Creationism in Public Education

Public Expresses A Preference For A National Approach

Main Finding: According to most Americans, the issue of whether or not to teach Evolution in the public schools is too important to leave to individual localities to decide. They agree that a national approach is warranted.

For the most part, Americans have traditionally favored local decision-making when it comes to education. However, this issue is a clear exception. Most Americans (two thirds) agree that there needs to be a national approach regarding whether or not to teach Evolution and/or Creationism in the public schools.

Question: “Agree or disagree: Evolution is one of those issues that is too important to be decided by each and every school board across the country. There needs to be a standard, national approach to whether or not Evolution is taught in the public schools”

Majorities of residents in all regions agree on the need for a national approach. This is true even in the “Bible Belt”.

Bible Belt
Not Sure5

Note: See appendix for listing of states included in each region. The “Bible Belt” includes states from the South and Central regions.

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