Fact Sheets: The Truth About Vouchers


  • While public schools are graded A - F, with students at "F" schools (for two of four years) eligible for vouchers, private schools are not graded-therefore there is no way to assess whether a student is actually entering a private school that is academically superior to the school they would be leaving.36 In fact, the state senate explicitly rejected an amendment to the governor's plan that would have graded private voucher schools like public schools.37 Further, the state refused to release the scores of the first-year voucher students as a group, even though one of the primary arguments made in favor of voucher programs is that competition from private schools will improve public schools.38
  • Private voucher schools are not required to administer tests or report scores to the public. Parents who transfer their child to a private school are responsible for ensuring that their child take FCAT tests at a public school in appropriate years, effectively removing accountability and responsibility from private schools.39
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