Reports: Fighting the Right

Title Date
Betsy DeVos Nomination a New High-Water Mark in Right Wing’s Long War on Public Education 01/12/2017
The Anti-Immigrant Lobby: The White Nationalist Roots of the Organizations Fighting Immigration 02/29/2016
The Agenda of National School Choice Week: Don't Be Blinded by the Bright Yellow Scarves 01/25/2016
Operation Rescue’s Big Break: How an Organization Rooted in the Radical Fringes of the Anti-Choice Movement Is Threatening to Shut Down the Government 09/28/2015
Chipping Away at Choice - 2015 Update: Growing Threats to Women’s Health Care Access and Autonomy 08/25/2015
The Activists And Ideology Behind The Latest Attacks On Planned Parenthood 08/09/2015
The Personhood Movement: Where It Comes From and What It Means For the Future of Choice 04/22/2015
The Libre Initiative: The Koch Brothers’ Focus on Latino Voters 02/18/2015
The Persecution Complex: The Religious Right’s Deceptive Rallying Cry 06/13/2014
Ken Cuccinelli: The Attorney General of the Tea Party 09/09/2013
Congressional Republicans' Clear Choice on Immigration: Stand With Pro-Reform Majorities or Cave to Anti-Immigrant Extremists 08/19/2013
The Lobby Against Common Sense: The Right's Campaign Against Gun Violence Reform and How We Can Defeat It 02/27/2013
The Right to Vote Under Attack, 2012 Update 10/29/2012
12 Rules for Mixing Religion and Politics 08/02/2012
The War on Women 04/13/2012
The Mythical Martyrdom of Jerry Boykin 03/08/2012
The Campaign to Keep Millions of Americans from the Ballot Box 10/27/2011
The True Spirit of the Union 09/19/2011
Corporate Infusion: What the Tea Party’s Really Serving America 09/14/2011
The Wisconsin Six: The Backbone of Scott Walker's Extreme Agenda 08/09/2011
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