History of Failed Vouchers and Tax Credits

Tuition Tax Credit Referenda

Election Result
Details of the Ballot Initiative
DC198189%11%A vote for Initiative 7 was a vote to provide income tax credits to families who pay educational expenses for their children enrolled at full-time public or private schools. The maximum tax credit for parents would have been limited to $1,200 per pupil. Other taxpayers, including corporations, could have claimed a limited tax credit up to 50 percent against their payable income tax for education expenses.

Voted for: 9,568; voted against: 78,429

More information regarding Washington, DC electoral history can be accessed hereUT198870%30%A vote for Initiative C was a vote to provide parents with a limited tax credit against income taxes for the tuition, textbook and transportation costs of children attending private school.

Voted for: 190,193; voted against: 439,090

More information regarding UT electoral history can be accessed hereOR199067%33%A vote for Measure 11 was a vote to provide a state income tax credit toward the expense of educating students outside public schools. The tax credit would have been equally available for secular, religious, institutional and home-based education.

Vote for: 351,977; vote against: 741,863

More information regarding OR electoral history can be accessed hereCO199860%40%A vote for Amendment 17 was a vote to establish an income tax credit for parents or legal guardians of students enrolled in public, private and home schools. For parents of students enrolled in private schools, the credit equals at least 80 percent of private school tuition expenses or 50 percent of the average expenditure for a public school student, whichever is less. For parents of other students, the credit is to be set by the legislature.

Vote for: 516,593; vote against: 784,966

More information regarding CO electoral history can be accessed hereTotal: Four Referenda32%68%Total Votes

For Tuition Tax Credits: 1,068,331

Against Tuition Tax Credits: 2,044,348

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