John Ashcroft's First Year as Attorney General

Dragnet Operations

The Justice Department is questioning or seeking to question up to 5,000 Middle Eastern men living legally in the U.S., a tactic called problematic by former FBI officials in several newspaper reports.

Oliver "Buck" Revell, former FBI executive assistant director and architect of the bureau's anti-terrorism strategy in the 1980s, said this strategy "is not effective" and "really guts the values of our society, which you cannot allow the terrorists to do."43 William Webster, a conservative Republican from Missouri and former FBI and CIA Director under Ronald Reagan, also raised serious concerns about the Justice Department's current tactics.

News reports indicate that a number of current senior FBI and Justice Department officials disagree strongly with some of Ashcroft's initiatives.44 Some have suggested that Ashcroft is leading a return to the discredited tactics of the J. Edgar Hoover era.

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