LOOSE CANNON: Report In Opposition To The Confirmation Of Janice Rogers Brown To The United States Court Of Appeals For The DC Circuit

II. The Record of Janice Rogers Brown

Discussed below is Janice Rogers Brown’s record as a California judge, focusing on opinions she has written as a California Supreme Court justice. In particular, we have examined her opinions on civil rights, freedom of speech and association, worker rights and consumer protection, reproductive rights, gun control, and criminal law issues, particularly her numerous dissenting opinions, as well as concerns about her judicial temperament and philosophy. Based on this review, it is clear that Justice Brown has not shown the commitment to fundamental constitutional and civil rights principles that should be demonstrated by a nominee to such an important lifetime federal court position. On the contrary, she has continued, as suggested by the state bar evaluation committee in 1996, to be “prone to inserting conservative political views into her appellate opinions,” as well as to disagree with established precedent in these areas.9

9 Dolan, supra note 2.

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