Opposing Carolyn Kuhl's Confirmation

Carolyn Kuhl's Record in the Reagan Administration

As noted above, from 1981-1986, Kuhl served the Reagan Administration in the Department of Justice, first as Special Assistant to the Attorney General, then as Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Civil Division, and then as Deputy Solicitor General. As Kuhl’s record and the nature of her positions in the Department of Justice reflect, Kuhl was more than a “hired gun” for a client. To the contrary, she had left private practice to enlist in what her former boss, then-Solicitor General Charles Fried, called the “Reagan Revolution,” one front of which, according to Fried, was a “battle . . . fought in the courts.”(Ashkenazy v. Liu, No. BC 149503). As discussed below, in a number of significant areas, including women’s rights and other civil rights issues, as well as access to the federal courts, there is clear evidence, including from former Reagan Administration officials, that Kuhl was directly and personally involved in urging far right positions that were subsequently rejected by the Supreme Court. (Ashkenazy v. Liu, No. BC 149503).

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