"Parental Rights"

Table 3

Average Per-Pupil Tuition Surcharge in
Religious and Secular Voucher Schools, 1999-2000

(Data for Schools Receiving Tuition Surcharges Only)

Four of every five voucher schools-75 out of 91-received tuition overpayments. The more than 6,600 voucher students enrolled in these 75 "overpayment schools" comprised more than 84 percent of all voucher students in 1999-2000. What is startlingly evident from Table 3, below, is that the per-pupil tuition overpayment in these 75 schools actually exceeds the price of tuition. The first row in the table shows the per-student average voucher payments for the 61 religious schools, 14 non-religious schools and all 75 schools, respectively. The second row shows the average tuition for each of these categories, and the final row shows the difference between these two or the amount of the tuition overpayment.

Religious Schools45



Average Voucher Payment




Average Tuition




Tuition Surcharge




As noted above, the size of the tuition overpayment for these schools is actually larger than the price of tuition in the case of both religious and non-religious schools. Of course, in the aggregate, these overpayments add up to millions of dollars.

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