Title Date
Judgment Day 2016: The Future of the Supreme Court as a Critical Issue in the 2016 Presidential Election 09/23/2015
Judiciary Committee Republicans: Delay for Delay’s Sake 06/15/2011
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Dissenting For Democracy 07/16/2014
Letter to Attorney General Holder from Progressive Organizations on Miranda and the Public Safety Exception 05/17/2010
Letter to Haley Barbour from PFAW President Michael Keegan 03/25/2011
Letter to Senate Leadership from Progressive Organizations Calling for an End to the Backlog of Judicial Nominees 11/18/2010
Losing Their Appeal: The Real Reason the Right is Terrified by the Prop 8 Case 08/24/2010
Manhattan Declaration: Old Poison, New Packaging 02/09/2010
Material Harm to Our System of Justice: The Consequences of an Eight-Member Supreme Court 05/19/2016
Money Out, Voters In: A Guide to Democratic Reform 09/19/2013
More Rights At Stake: A Preview of the Supreme Court's 2008-09 Term 10/21/2008
One Year After the Citizens United v. FEC Decision 01/19/2011
Opposing Carolyn Kuhl's Confirmation 03/31/2003
Opposing The Confirmation of Charles W. Pickering, Sr. to The United States Court Of Appeals For The Fifth Circuit 07/22/2002
Opposition to Jeffrey Sutton's Nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit 01/24/2003
Ordering the Courts: Right Wing Attacks on Judicial Independence in 2000 08/01/2002
People for the American Way Report in Opposition to the Confirmation of Michael W. McConnell 09/17/2002
PFAW Concerns About Miguel Estrada Detailed in Letter To Senate Judiciary Committee 09/25/2002
PFAW Edit Memo: 2014 – A Year of Striking Success on Judicial Nominations 12/17/2014
PFAW Edit Memo: Progress on Judicial Confirmations (But Not Enough) 03/08/2011
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