The Voters Speak in 2002: Fully Fund and Strengthen Public Education

School Construction Funding

Two western states passed initiatives on school construction and rehabilitation.

In California, where overcrowded schools have been a real problem, voters endorsed spending more to relieve overcrowding by passing Proposition 47. The measure allows spending of up to $13.5 billion in general obligation bonds for construction and renovation of K-12 and post-secondary campuses around the state.39

Oregon voters enacted an initiative permitting the state to issue bonds to finance improvements that will make public schools less vulnerable to earthquakes. Passage of Measure 15 will get public education buildings seismically rehabilitated, making them safer places for students, teachers and staff to be each day.40 (A companion initiative covered other public buildings, such as police and fire stations.) Under Measure 15, schools in Oregon will receive money to assess their level of earthquake preparedness and then to begin renovations as necessary. 41

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