Unaccountable by Design

Appendix A—FL and PA’a Tuition Tax Credit Programs at a Glance

In all, an estimated $224 million will be diverted from the state treasuries in Pennsylvania and Florida over a three-year period to pay for tuition vouchers used at private and religious schools, with little oversight or accountability for how these public funds are being spent.

Corporate Tuition Tax Credit Programs—FL and PA

StateTuition Tax Credit CapNumber of Scholarship OrganizationsTotal Funds DivertedStudent Eligibility
Florida(program passed into law in 2002)$88 million (increased in 2003 from $50 million)Eight scholarship funding organizationsAn estimated $138 million by 2004Eligibility follows the criteria set by the federal free- and reduced-price lunch program Fully half of all elementary and middle school students are eligible to receive a voucher.
Pennsylvania(program passed into law in 2001)$20 million (for contributions to scholarship organizations)103 scholarship organizationsAn estimated $86 million by the end of the third fiscal year (June 30, 2004)Students whose family (of four) income is $70,000 are eligible for a voucher.
$10 million (for contributions to educational improvement organizations)131 educational improvement organizations

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