An Urgent Crisis, An Effective, Affordable Remedy

The Solution For the Crisis We Face

Floridians have rallied behind Amendment 9 because they see it as a common-sense way to improve learning—a way to enable teachers to get to know their students better, structure lessons with this knowledge in mind, and devote extra time to those students who would otherwise fall behind. Jerome Showers, a father of five, supports Amendment 9 because he has seen first-hand how his 12-year-old son’s grades improved in a smaller class.134 A longtime Leon County teacher put it this way: “Will smaller classes solve all our problems? Of course not, but it will be a giant step forward.” (Emphasis in original.)135

On Tuesday, November 5, voters will have the power to make children a real priority.
We believe they will. Amendment 9 has excited and empowered ordinary citizens across our state. Amendment 9 has reminded Floridians that ‘politics’ affect their lives—and their children’s lives—in a profound way. Amendment 9 has helped to remind the public that democracy doesn’t run on auto-pilot.

Now is the time. Amendment 9 is the way.

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