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Right Wing Gets It: Elections Matter Because Courts Matter
For right-wing advocates, big conservative wins in the Supreme Court’s recently completed term have only confirmed the importance of electing a president in 2016 who will give them more justices in the mold of Samuel Alito and John Roberts....
Fourth Circuit Unanimously Upholds Obamacare Subsidies
Judge Davis's concurring opinion blasts the illogical premise and political nature of the anti-ACA lawsuit.
D.C. Circuit Old Guard Strikes Down Key Obamacare Subsidies Provision
Today's ruling from two GOP-nominated DC Circuit judges exemplifies why the Senate GOP fought so hard to prevent President Obama from naming anyone to that court.
Hobby Lobby And 'Biblical Economics'
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote in her dissent in the Hobby Lobby case that the Court’s conservative majority had “ventured into a minefield” with its decision. Many of those mines have already been placed by right-...
Diversity Milestone for Obama's Judicial Nominees
President Obama reached a diversity milestone last week: 100 people of color nominated and confirmed to our federal circuit and district courts.
Grassley's Hypocrisy Comes Out in the Ronnie White Debate
Grassley sharply criticized White for something that he was fine with when Samuel Alito did it.
Senate Corrects a 15-Year Old Injustice and Confirms Ronnie White
The Senate did today what it should have done in the 1990s when Ronnie White was nominated by President Clinton.
Barney Frank: This Year’s Midterm Elections Define Our Courts
In an op-ed printed in the Portland Press Herald this weekend, retired congressman Barney Frank offers a sharp critique of the far right Supreme Court under John Roberts. Explicitly noting the importance of the Court in defining law that affects all...
Richard Land: 'Alito And Roberts Are The Gifts That Keep On Giving'
National Journal is out today with a profile of the new kinder, gentler Religious Right, looking at the downfall of Richard Land’s career as a sign that the movement is turning away from aggressive culture wars and instead finding a less...
Fresh From Celebrating Hobby Lobby, Bob Vander Plaats Calls Judicial Review 'Nonsense'
It is truly amazing how conservative activists continue to harp on “judicial activism,” while supporting sweeping judicial decisions that happen to go their way. For instance, just a couple of weeks ago, Bob Vander Plaats of The Family...
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