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Will Nebraska's Senators Help Our Federal Courts?
If Nebraska's senators want to see their judicial nominee confirmed, they should push to clear the nominations bottleneck Mitch McConnell has created.
Justice Scalia's Ironic Comments About Democracy
Justice Scalia's comments about democracy yesterday were enraging, puzzling, and ironic.
On Judges, GOP Senate Finally Breaks Into Double Digits
There is no good reason that today's judicial confirmation vote is only the tenth of the year.
Supreme Court Takes Up Most Significant Reproductive Rights Cases in Decades
This post originally appeared on the Huffington Post. The Supreme Court announced today that it will decide on the constitutionality ofsevere restrictions adopted in Texas that threaten to make it virtually impossible for many women there to...
Pat Toomey's Insulting Explanation for Withholding Blue Slips
Does Toomey think his constituents won’t realize that his explanation makes no sense?
An Anniversary Pat Toomey Should Be Ashamed Of
Pat Toomey has spent a year helping his party obstruct the nomination of L. Felipe Restrepo, who he says he supports.
5th Circuit Immigration Ruling Shows Importance of Courts & Elections
One of the most important issues in any presidential election is the type of judges the person elected to the office would place on the bench.
Grassley's Moves Against Democratic Senators' Judicial Nominees
Democratic senators learn the hard way that a committee chairman prerogatives can be abused.
SCOTUS Will Hear Latest Contraception Coverage Refusal Cases
The premise of these challenges to the ACA's contraception coverage accommodation is a severe distortion of religious liberty.
SCOTUS Will Hear Latest Contraception Coverage Refusal Cases
The Supreme Court today announced that it will hear several cases involving the accommodation for religious nonprofits seeking to opt out of the Affordable Care Act’s contraception coverage requirement.  This is not a surprise; as People...
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