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Ted Cruz Vows to Damage Texas Courts in Response to Obama's Immigration Action
In response to President Obama's upcoming action on immigration, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has vowed to retaliate by sabotaging the federal court system in his own state. No, that's not how he phrased it, but that would be the impact of his vow....
Ted Cruz Vows to Damage Texas Courts in Response to Obama's Immigration Action
Ted Cruz urges a retaliatory freeze on all confirmations next year, which would cause particular damage to courts in his own state.
Reid: We Cannot Leave Without Confirming Nominees
The Senate needs to vote on numerous judicial and executive nominations before the end of the lame duck session.
DC Circuit's Nina Pillard Writes Ruling Upholding ACA Contraception Coverage
Nina Pillard was one of the three Obama nominees Senate Republicans tried without success to keep off the D.C. Circuit.
Supreme Court Review of ACA Case Muzzles the DC Circuit
Since the Roberts Court took the ACA subsidies case, other courts likely won't have a chance to join the 4th Circuit in exposing how weak and political the case is.
Lame Duck Session Confirmations: PFAW Member Telebriefing
As Congress returns for the lame duck session after the midterm elections, People For the American Way hosted a member telebriefing on Monday on the critical work that needs to be completed this session to fill court vacancies. The call was kicked...
Welcome Back, Senate, It's Time to Get to Work
There is more than enough time during the lame duck to confirm President Obama's nominees.
PFAW Statement on Nomination of Loretta Lynch for U.S. Attorney General
WASHINGTON – In response to President Obama’s announcement that he will nominate Loretta Lynch to serve as the next U.S. Attorney General, People For the American Way Executive Vice President Marge Baker released the following statement...
Ominous Sign from the Roberts Court on ACA Subsidies
The Roberts Court's hunger to hear this case is ominous.
The Sixth Circuit's Flawed Marriage Ruling
Judge Sutton has written a flawed opinion for the Sixth Circuit upholding marriage bans.
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