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Koch Group Jumps Into Montana Supreme Court Race
The American Constitution Society has just released a big report on the effects of post-Citizens United spending on judicial elections, specifically finding that judges who survive expensive, ad-heavy elections are “less likely to vote in...
Mark Creech 'Heartbroken' By 'Terrible Tragedy' And 'Atrocity' Of Marriage Equality In North Carolina
Mark Creech, director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, wrote in the Christian Post yesterday that he was “heart-broken” (sic) by the federal court decision striking down North Carolina’s marriage equality ban,...
Family Research Council, Anti-Gay and Anti-Choice Activists, Pitch In For Montana Supreme Court Race
Last week, we reported on the quiet effort of national right-wing groups to, in the words of the Family Research Council, “flip” the Supreme Court of Montana by electing former state solicitor general Lawrence VanDyke, who has indicated...
Diversity in Obama's Judicial Nominees
The impact of a personally and professionally diverse federal bench.
Right Quietly Pours Money Into Montana, Hoping To 'Flip' Pivotal State Supreme Court
Conservative legal advocates from throughout the country have been quietly pouring money into a Montana state supreme court race, hoping to topple a court majority that has bucked the U.S. Supreme Court on campaign finance issues and could soon...
Fifth Circuit's Voter ID Decision Shows the Attitude of Bush's Judges
What is the public interest in enforcing a voting law that was found to have been passed with the intent to discriminate?
Did a Nevada Federal Judge Let Personal Beliefs Affect His Marriage Ruling?
Why did the federal district judge who'd upheld Nevada's marriage ban remove himself from the case when the 9th Circuit ordered him to implement its pro-equality decision?
Texas Judge Could Teach the Roberts Court a Thing or Two
A Texas federal judge strikes down that state's restrictive voter ID law as intentionally discriminatory.
The Roberts Court Gives North Carolinians a Reason to Vote
North Carolina voters can help reshape the Supreme Court that has undercut their right to vote.
Huckabee Urges States To Ignore Rulings On Marriage Equality, Abortion Rights & Church-State Separation
In an interview with Iowa-based conservative talk show host Steve Deace on Monday, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee repeated his recommendation that governors simply ignore the Supreme Court’s decision to let stand lower court rulings...
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