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A Victory in the Fight for Fair Trials for Undocumented Immigrants
In an important victory for fair courts and the principle that justice is available to all, an appeals court in California today issued a decision granting a new trial for an undocumented immigrant whose immigration status was revealed to jurors...
PFAW Foundation Joins Amicus Brief in SCOTUS Case on Health Care Tax Subsidies
Yesterday PFAW Foundation joined the National Women’s Law Center, the law firm Hogan Lovells, and close to 70 other organizations in submitting an amicus brief in King v. Burwell, the pending Supreme Court case on tax subsidies for the...
Ginsburg Concurrence Is an Important Reminder on Religious Liberty
Justice Ginsburg writes a short but importance concurrence in a unanimous religious liberty case.
Roberts Court Sets Its Eye on Fair Housing Law
At least four of the Court's conservatives are set on imposing their own ideological vision of what our nation's fair housing laws should look like.
PFAW Edit Memo: White House Outreach to Republicans on Judges Should Be Met with Cooperation, Not Stonewalling
To: Interested Parties From: Paul Gordon, Senior Legislative Counsel, People For the American Way Date: January 13, 2015 Re: White House Outreach to Republicans on Judges Should Be Met with Cooperation, Not Stonewalling Since Republicans now...
PFAW Praises Obama’s Renomination of Judicial Nominees
People For the American Way today praised President Obama’s renomination of 11 jurists named last year for seats on the federal judiciary. “President Obama’s actions today are a reminder that the judicial confirmation process needs...
Tony Perkins Regrets Direct Election Of Senators Because It Led To Gay Marriage
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins, who was once a candidate for U.S. Senate in Louisiana, seems upset that voters can directly elect their state’s two senators, a power that was held by state legislatures until the adoption of the...
Sorry, Sen. McConnell, But on Judges, Your Party IS "Scary"
Mitch McConnell says Americans shouldn't fear GOP control of the White House and Congress. He is wrong.
Fourth Circuit Strikes Down North Carolina Ultrasound Law
Judges nominated by Reagan, Clinton, and Bush-43 agree that North Carolina's law violates the Constitution.
Patrick Leahy and This Year's Success on Judges
This year's great success on judicial nominations owes a great deal to Sen. Patrick Leahy.
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