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Long Past Time to Let 3rd Circuit Nominee Restrepo Have His Hearing
Grassley should include Judge Restrepo at next week's judicial nominations hearing.
Judicial Elections and Government Integrity at the Supreme Court
It isn’t just judges who risk the appearance of corruption when they engage with funders.
PFAW Applauds Williams-Yulee Decision
However, Concerns over Buying Influence Apply to All Elected Officials In response to the Supreme Court’s decision today in Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar which upheld Florida’s ban on judicial candidates directly soliciting campaign...
Diversity vs. Scalia at Marriage Oral Arguments
Bringing her own experience to the bench, Justice Kagan helps Justice Scalia with a point that should have been obvious to him.
Are Conservative Justices Suggesting that Oppression Justifies More Oppression?
Historical discrimination against gays and lesbians warrants heightened scrutiny under Equal Protection, not continued discrimination.
In Marriage Arguments, Scalia Overlooks the People's Role in Adopting Equal Protection
Scalia says judicial interpretations of Equal Protection bypass the people, but it was the people who chose to constrain themselves with Equal Protection.
Justice Ginsburg Tackles Idea That Marriage Definition Has Existed For Millennia
One of the words being bandied about at this morning's oral arguments in the marriage cases was "millennia." One of the anti-equality side's main talking points is that equality proponents are asking the Justices to "redefine...
Justice Ginsburg Tackles Idea that Marriage Definition Has Existed for Millennia
Marriage as it existed for much of our nation's history violates the 14th Amendment, as does today's exclusion of same-sex couples from the institution.
Staver: Impeach Supreme Court Justices Who 'Go Off The Farm' On Marriage
In an interview with Iowa-based conservative talk radio host Steve Deace on Friday, Liberty Counsel founder Mat Staver said that he supported Sen. Ted Cruz’s bill to strip federal courts of jurisdiction over marriage cases, but added that he...
Grassley Threatening to Shut Down His Minimal Actions on Judges in Mid-2016
Grassley, already slow-walking judicial nominations, suggests he will shut the process down altogether in July 2016.
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