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'They Hate God And Want To Let The Sodomites Queer Our Country'
Shortly after the Supreme Court issued its ruling in favor of marriage equality last month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told county clerks in his state that they could opt out of issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. It turns...
Ted Cruz's Hearing on Supreme Court's Marriage Equality 'Tyranny'
Senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz has repeatedly called recent Supreme Court decisions on marriage and health care reform “tyranny.” On Wednesday, he used his platform as chair of the Senate’s Judiciary Subcommittee on...
Harry Reid Teaches GOP Basic Math and Civics
Sen. Reid blasts the GOP's obstruction of judicial nominees.
Tom DeLay Urges Congress To Fight Gay Marriage By Impeaching Judges And Cutting Court Budgets
Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay joined “Wallbuilders Live” today to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision striking down bans on gay marriage, repeating his call for states to “defy” the “illegitimate”...
Federal Court Rejects Another Bogus 'Religious Liberty' Claim From Religious Right
The Tenth Circuit today released its opinion in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Burwell, becoming the latest federal appellate court to reject the claim that the Obama Administration’s contraception coverage accommodation for religious...
Yet Another Circuit Court Upholds ACA Accommodation for Religious Nonprofits
The Court notes that law accommodates religion, but it cannot wholly exempt religion from the reach of the law.
Toomey Apparently Fails to Press McConnell on Timing for Restrepo Vote
The timing of a vote - the central issue - is missing from Toomey and McConnell's descriptions of their conversation.
Roy Moore Accepts Award From Radical Anti-Choice Group That Blamed 9/11 On Legal Abortion
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has not been hiding his displeasure about the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down gay marriage bans, telling Alabama church audiences that the ruling will result in Christians being “persecuted”...
Scott Walker Says His Presidential Bid Is 'God's Plan'
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who announced his presidential bid on Twitter this morning and will have a launch event later today in Waukesha, has sent an email to activists declaring that his presidential run “is God’s plan for me....
With Toomey's Help, Senate Could Confirm Restrepo Quickly
In 2007, the Democratic-controlled Senate confirmed Bush's 3rd Circuit nominee from Pennsylvania just one week after his committee vote.
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