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GOP Senate Moving Obama's Judges Slower than Democrats Moved Bush's
By this same point in Bush's last two years, the Democratic Judiciary Committee had already advanced ten judicial nominees to the full Senate.
More Delay on the Restrepo Nomination
The Judiciary Committee shouldn't blame its inaction on judicial nominations on the attorney general nomination.
CWA Spox: SCOTUS Marriage Ruling Could Lead To ‘Criminalization Of Religious Beliefs’
Concerned Women for America’s legal counsel, Mario Diaz, stopped by Iowa CWA director Tamara Scott’s radio program last week to discuss the Supreme Court’s upcoming consideration of a number of marriage equality cases. Scott, who...
Brian Brown: Marriage Equality, Like Slavery And Segregation, 'Cannot Stand'
National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown joined Iowa Republican National Committee member Tamara Scott on her radio program last week, where the two discussed the upcoming Supreme Court decision on marriage equality. Brown told Scott...
Roy Moore: Ban Gay Marriage To Keep Bisexuals And 'Transgendered' From Marrying Multiple People
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore doesn’t seem to quite understand the LGBT community that he is so set against, telling the Associated Press this weekend that if the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality, bisexual and “...
Matt Barber: States Should Defy Roe And Jail Abortion Providers
Matt Barber joined Steve Deace on his radio program yesterday to discuss the actions of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who’s urging judges in his state to defy a federal judge and refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples...
Republican Inaction as Judicial Emergencies Jump
With five new judicial emergencies announced this morning, Senate Republicans should do more to move judicial nominations.
Republicans Should Move Judicial Nominations Next Week
The number of judicial vacancies continues to climb. Senate Republicans should move faster on judicial nominations.
Thursday is Test Day for Senate Judiciary Republicans
Will Senate Republicans still needlessly delay scheduled judicial nomination committee votes now that they are in the majority?
Tony Perkins: Marriage Equality Rulings Will Throw 'Our Country Into A Tailspin'
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins spent a good portion of his “Washington Watch” radio program on Monday praising Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore and the state probate judges who are refusing to follow a...
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