CPAC: Foster Friess Says He's Discriminated Against Because He is Rich

While introducing Rick Santorum at CPAC, Foster Friess said Republicans had to take a page out of the Democrats' play book and start nominating fresh-faced candidates ... like O'Back Obama.  Freiss then complained that it is unfair that rich people such as himself are discriminated against, before claiming that Santorum can bring people together because he never says anything divisive:

CPAC: Christians Have Been too Nice and Need to Stop Compromising

During a panel at CPAC on "The Role of Faith, Life, & Family in Our Culture & the 2012 Elections," the panelists claimed that the slippery slope toward gay marriage all began when people started accepting the idea of recognizing the legitimacy of gay relationships by granting civil unions, and Andy Blom, Executive Director of the American Principles Project, blamed it on the fact that Christians just don't want to be mean and called on Christians to be aggressive in defending their values and refuse to compromise:

Sandy Rios: Ellen DeGeneres Pushing America Into 'Moral Chaos'

Former Concerned Women for America president and Fox News contributor Sandy Rios in a column today hailed the American Family Association’s OneMillionMoms for their campaign to pressure JC Penney to fire Ellen DeGeneres because she is openly gay. Rios said that the destigmatization of homosexuality in America as a result of public figures like DeGeneres is much like women who “adjust to men who beat them,” “young girls to fathers who rage in a drunken stupor” and Patty Hearst’s brainwashing “to the views of her Symbionese Liberation Army captors.” “We have opened our doors to deviancy and adjusted ourselves to the dark, foul draft,” Rios writes, “We laugh at gay characters in sit-coms, reality and talk shows and have become so desensitized.” Rios maintains that DeGeneres is leading to the “complete eradication of the traditional family” and America’s descent into “moral chaos.”

Imagine you had to make a case against Ellen DeGeneres being the new spokesman for JCPenney. Ellen is charming and delightful ... witty, warm and engaging. What's not to like about Ellen DeGeneres? And yet for thousands ... yeah millions of Penney's customers, it is an unsettling proposition.

But this isn't about Ellen's winsome personality or her caring approach to her guests. It's about the private choices she has publicly flaunted and the profound influence she has chiefly because of her charm and likeability. Openly lesbian, Ellen is "married" to her partner Portia Rossi. Militantly gay, DeGeneres has fought for homosexual rights including marriage and indoctrination in public schools.

Humans are capable of adjusting to almost anything. Soldiers freak out at the first sign of death, but hardened by battle in due course. Women adjust to men who beat them ... young girls to fathers who rage in a drunken stupor. Patty Hearst accustomed herself to the views of her Symbionese Liberation Army Captors. We can adjust to almost anything, but it doesn't make that "anything" healthy, normal or right.

We have adjusted ourselves to the point of breaking on the issue of homosexuality. We have invited through media what would have been unthinkable ten years ago into our own homes daily. We have opened our doors to deviancy and adjusted ourselves to the dark, foul draft. We send our children off to be indoctrinated by teachers indoctrinated themselves with homosexual advocacy by the National Education Association and declare our schools "safe." We laugh at gay characters in sit-coms, reality and talk shows and have become so desensitized; we can no longer distinguish from personal affection for them and disapproval of how they live.

And so it is with Ellen DeGeneres. We like her and therefore cannot bring ourselves to condemn what she does or see any harm in her being the spokesperson for a company where America's traditional families shop. We are incapable of making the distinction and so we open wide the gates and assure for ourselves the future homosexual activists have long written about: the complete eradication of the traditional family and the acceptance of any sexual choice anyone wants to make.

At least with Ellen we'll have some laughs as we descend into moral chaos.

Barber: Obama 'Might Start Rounding up Priests' and 'Throw Priests in Prison'

After warning that the hate crimes law would be “used to prosecute pastors” (it didn’t), now Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber is warning that the mandate for insurance plans to cover contraceptives with narrow religious exemptions, a decision backed by the majority of Catholics, will mean that the government may “start rounding up priests.” Yesterday on Faith and Freedom, Barber made the case that the contraceptive mandate, which he called “the most astounding and gross constitutional violation I have ever seen,” will lead to the government to “start throwing priests in prison” and “pastors in prison.”

This I have to say is the most astounding and gross constitutional violation I have ever seen, and violation of the freedom of conscience, I have seen in my lifetime, and it comes from the President of the United States. The gloves have come off, all pretexts are gone, this president is willing to push his agenda to trample the Constitution of the United States to do it, his radical pro-abortion, liberal agenda.

I am hoping that they have called President Obama’s bluff here, because what’s the alternative now? Are they going to go in and start shutting down Catholic hospitals? Start shutting down Catholic schools? Start fining them inordinate amount of money? Start throwing priests in prison, pastors in prison, organizers and CEOs of Christian hospitals around the country in prison? They might! I wouldn’t be surprised frankly, the fact that they were willing to do something so brazenly unconstitutional who’s to say that they won’t take it to the next step, to the next level, and start rounding up priests who refuse to comply with this unconstitutional dictate?

CPAC: Huckabee Lectures Obama on Being a Real Christian

Mike Huckabee kicked off day two of the annual CPAC conference by voicing his outrage that President Obama thinks he's a theologian for daring to cite Scripture and proceeded to lecture Obama on what it means to be a real Christian:

Right Wing Round-Up - CPAC Edition

CPAC: Conservative Comedian Closes Out Day One By Ranting Against the 'Wussification of America'

Conservative comedian Brad Stein closed out day one of CPAC with a fifteen minute set that consisted primarily of him railing against "the Wussification of America" and screaming at a seventeen year-old kid in the front row because kids today are, in Stein's view, representative of the very "wussification" he detests ... like requiring cars to have airbags or drivers to use seat belts and child safety seats:

Steve King and White Nationalist CPAC Panel Warn that America's Greatest Threat is its Diversity

Today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the group ProEnglish organized the panel, “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American identity,” and host Robert Vandervoort thanked CPAC for hosting the panel despite the work of “leftist thugs” who are trying to “shut down freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.” Vandervoort is a former leader of the White Nationalist group Chicagoland Friends of the American Renaissance, a racist magazine published by fellow White Nationalist Jared Taylor. Presumably, Vandervoort was referring to the efforts of the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, which issued an alert on his background, and People For the American Way, which called on Republican leaders attending CPAC to denounce another panelist, Peter Brimelow, founder and head of the White Nationalist hate website VDARE.

In 2009, Brimelow reflected on CPAC after “Obama’s racial-socialist coup” and expressed his fear that the U.S. is doomed to face a “minority occupation government.” He called on the Republican Party to start focusing on becoming the party of white voters by attacking “ethnic lobbies,” affirmative action, bilingual education and “taxpayer subsidies to illegal aliens.”

Prior to Brimelow’s talk, Vandervoort delivered a rambling speech from Serge Trifkovic (who wasn’t able to attend) that focused on how the “cult of non-white, non-male, non-heterosexual victimhood” and “multiculturalist indoctrination” is ruining the West. “The native Western majorities will melt away,” Trifkovic’s speech concluded, “Europeans and our trans-Atlantic cousins are literally endangered species. The facilitators of our destruction must be neutralized if we are to survive.” Afterwards, Rosalie Porter bemoaned the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act for giving too much political influence to minorities.

Brimelow stayed on message and warned that multiculturalism and bilingualism were “diseases” that could wreck American society as they empower minorities and suppress traditional American (read: white) groups. He claimed that Canada, which is officially bilingual, was a good example of how bilingualism becomes a tool of elites to help minorities (Quebecers) at the expense of the majority, and went on to call multiculturalism and bilingualism a “ferocious attack on the working class.”

But the surprise guest of the panel was the fiercely anti-immigrant Rep. Steve King (R-IA) who came to discuss his bill to make English the official language of the U.S.

During a panel discussion, Brimelow said that the Democratic Party has “given up on the white working class” and is using immigration to “elect a new polity,” i.e. increase the number of ethnic minorities. Before he could turn to King, the congressman giddily told Brimelow, “I read your books!” King went on to say that Brimelow “eloquently wrote about the balkanization of America.”

Following the panel, King dismissed the Southern Poverty Law Center’s classification of VDARE as a hate group in an interview with BuzzFeed, saying, “I wouldn’t take them seriously.”

With the blessing of a leading Republican congressman, it looks like Brimelow’s dream of having a conservative movement which focuses on challenging cultural diversity may finally be coming to fruition.

Bryan Fischer Interviews Sen. Mitch McConnell

We often get asked why we pay attention to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association and the relentless string of bigotry he produces on a daily basis; the assumption being that by highlighting his statements we are just giving him the attention he desires and that if we ignored him, he'd probably just go away.

Obviously, we disagree and try to explain that we pay attention to Fischer because he is an influential leader within the Religious Right movement who is taken seriously by leading Republicans in Congress.

And today's program provided a perfect example of this, as Fischer spent ten minutes once again going after JC Penney for hiring a known sexual deviant like Ellen DeGeneres immediately before conducting an interview with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

First, Fischer dedicated a segment to blasting JC Penney for promoting sexually aberrant behavior while lamenting that behavior that was, just a generation ago, not only shameful but illegal is now being rewarded:

Immediately after Fischer returned from a commercial break following that segment, he then welcomed Sen. Mitch McConnell on to the program as a guest:

CPAC: What Bachmann Learned While Running for President

Michele Bachmann kicked off her speech to CPAC by relating the three things she learned while running for president: where John Wayne was born; the day Elvis Presley was born, and the importance of remembering the third thing in your list

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