PFAW Praises Ellison Amendment to Reverse Citizens United

PFAW Praises Ellison Amendment to Reverse Citizens United

Representative Keith Ellison (MN-5) introduced the “Get Corporate Money Out of Politics Amendment” today, a constitutional amendment that would empower Congress to regulate corporate influence in elections. The amendment would reverse the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC, which granted corporations the same free speech rights as individual citizens to influence elections, resulting in a surge of corporate cash influencing our democratic process.

Marge Baker, Executive Vice President of People For the American Way, issued the following statement:

“Americans reject the notion that corporations should have the same rights to influence elections as individual citizens and are appalled by the flood of corporate money into our electoral system, made possible by the Supreme Court’s flawed decision in Citizens United. Fortunately, some members of Congress are standing up for the public interest, not corporate special interests. We applaud Representative Ellison’s efforts to restore integrity to our democracy and hope that more legislators will follow his example. It is clear that the time has come for a constitutional amendment to rein in corporate influence in our elections.”

Groups supporting a constitutional amendment to reverse the damage caused by Citizens United have collected over 750,000 signatures. Supporters can sign People For the American Way’s petition asking congressional leaders to ensure that the government has the authority to limit corporate influence in elections here.


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