November 2008

Josh Glasstetter, Thursday 11/06/2008, 7:07pm
Barack Obama claimed the state of North Carolina today, which hasn’t gone to a Democrat since Jimmy Carter. But before we could reflect on this historic triumph, we were reminded of something we read last week, which made us think of this: Don’t worry. We can explain. Senator Lindsey Graham, warming up a North Carolina audience for McCain, assured them that McCain would win: "He fits North Carolina like a glove…I’ll beat Michael Phelps in swimming before Barack Obama wins North Carolina." Whoops! Graham continued, "Don't let me down, because I can... MORE
Josh Glasstetter, Thursday 11/06/2008, 6:29pm
In the weeks leading up to Tuesday’s historic election, the McCain campaign and RNC led a coordinated campaign to cast the integrity of the vote into doubt. They claimed ACORN was engaging in massive voter fraud. They claimed that Obama was receiving illegal foreign contributions. They claimed that the “liberal media” was skewing the polls in favor of Democrats. In other words, they were writing themselves an insurance policy in the event of a contested election or narrow loss. But it wasn’t even close. As a result, the anticipated barrage of conspiracy theories and... MORE
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