December 2011

Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 5:25pm
Candace Chellew-Hodge @ Religion Dispatches: Electing ‘Ministers of God.’ Igor Volsky @ Think Progress: Chicago Cardinal Doubles Down, Says Gay Pride Parade ‘Invited An Obvious Comparison’ To KKK. Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: Spox: Rick Perry Still Opposes Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Sex. Brian Kaylor @ EthicsDaily: LifeWay’s ‘Pink Bible’ Recall Shows Politics of Association. TPM: The Winners of the 2011 Golden Duke Awards. We will return Tuesday, January 3. Happy New Year! MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 5:15pm
As with his newsletters, Ron Paul will probably deny writing the “controversial” parts of his own books. David Barton’s deputy at WallBuilders, Rick Green, has endorsed Rick Perry while admitting that his debate appearances were “literally painful to watch” and that he “nearly wept for the man.” Green’s decision represents another defection for the Bachmann camp, as Green campaigned for her at the Iowa Straw Poll. Meanwhile, more Iowa pastors are calling on Michele Bachmann to drop out of the race. Matt Romney goes... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 4:35pm
Facing a barrage of negative ads and a severe drop in support among Iowa voters, Newt Gingrich today held a conference call with Iowa pastors to build up his support among the state’s social conservative voters. Religious Right leaders Don Wildmon and Jim Garlow, both of whom have endorsed Gingrich, were featured on the call, and David Brody of CBN News obtained Wildmon’s letter sent to Iowa pastors. In the letter, Wildmon stressed Gingrich’s “thrust to remove elitist judges,” including the Iowa justices who “voted in 2009 to impose homosexual marriage on... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 2:40pm
Gordon “Chaps” Klingenschmitt is joining other right-wing activists in defending the Florida Family Association and Lowe’s, which bowed to the extremist group’s pressure to stop advertising on TLC’s All-American Muslim. Klingenschmitt prayed for God to “grant Lowe's their greatest financial profits” and asked God to bless the FFA for “exposing the deeds of darkness.” He also labeled All-American Muslim “Islamic propaganda” and said people who oppose FFA’s pressure campaign against the reality show’s advertisers are... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 2:05pm
As Iowa State Director for the Ron Paul presidential campaign Mike Heath claims to have visited close to three hundred houses of worship on Paul’s behalf, more evidence of Heath’s rabidly anti-gay background while a Religious Right activist in Maine is coming to light. Before Maine’s marriage equality law was repealed, Heath contended that the legalization of same-sex marriage led to bad weather because “our elected officials overturned a law of nature, and in its place paid honor to evil and unnatural practices,” and Warren Throckmorton, who first uncovered that... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 11:55am
On Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour, Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel and Religious Right activist Paul Blair joined AFTAH’s Peter LaBarbera in exposing the surreptitious Satanic-Communist-‘Homosexualist’ conspiracy to take over America…and the world. LaBarbera criticized Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for using “homosexualist semantics” in her speech defending the human rights and dignity of the LGBT community, and went on to commend countries with severe laws that punish gays and lesbians and face of American pressure to decriminalize... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 12/30/2011, 10:15am
Self-proclaimed prophet Cindy Jacobs yesterday announced a new initiative, FastForward, for followers to elect “pro-biblical value candidates” and pray for “God to give favor to pro-life, pro-biblical defense of marriage, pro-fiscal conservative candidates.” Last year, Jacobs at a prayer rally claimed that God told her, “I am going to start targeting elections” and “if they resist who I am, I am going to move them out and I’m going to move my people in.” In her guide for prayer warriors [pdf], Jacobs asks for people to “war... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 12/29/2011, 5:11pm
PFAW: On Recess Appointments, President Obama Can Fight and Win . Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: Robert Spencer Attacks Critic of Claim that Texas Shootings were “Honour Killing.” Truth Wins Out: TWO Steps Up Campaign Calling on Chicago Archbishop Francis George to Resign with Full-Page Chicago Tribune Ad on Sunday. Charles Johnson @ LGF: Stormfront Founder Says White Supremacists Thought Ron Paul Was ‘One of Us.’ Pema Levy @TPM: Rick Perry Appears To Forget Landmark Civil Rights Case He Long-Opposed. Warren Throckmorton: Phil... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 12/29/2011, 5:01pm
Chaos in the Bachmnann campaign as her Iowa chairman defects to Ron Paul. Mitt Romney is a "dangerous homosexualist." Robert Knight calls Barack Obama a "Trojan Horse president [who] hates America and wants to bring it down." I fully expect that Teresa Wagner, who is claiming that she was denied at the University of Iowa because of her conservative beliefs and past working for the Family Research Council, to become the next Religious Right cause célèbre. "Don't let Satan win" ... so give Rod Parsley money today!... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 12/29/2011, 4:00pm
Summit Ministries founder David Noebel is out with yet another screed against LGBT rights, this time attacking the Obama administration for pushing back against attempts to criminalize and persecute gays and lesbians abroad. “Obama and his radical homosexual mafia plan to sodomize the world and make such perversion seem as wholesome as apple pie and vanilla ice cream,” Noebel writes, “In reality, such perversion cannot be printed in a family publication or broadcast on any FCC regulated TV or radio stations.” Like the many other Religious Right activists who have... MORE
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