March 2012

Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/30/2012, 4:49pm
Good As You: Matt Barber says #glaadcap profile is 'out-of-context, cherry-picked'; prove it, tough guy. Steve Benen @ Maddow Blog: RNC manipulates court audio in new attack ad. Nick Sementelli @ Bold Faith Type: Star Parker Doesn’t Understand Insurance. Lee Fang @ Republic Report: Joe the Plumber, Now Running For Congress, Gives Up Plumbing for Special Interest Speaking Gigs. Zack Ford @ Think Progress LGBT: Maggie Gallagher Defends NOM’s Race-Wedging Memos: ‘I Don’t Apologize For Any Of It.’ Sam Stein @ ... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/30/2012, 4:36pm
Paul Ryan has endorsed Mitt Romney. Speaking of those who have endorsed Romney, Chris Christie says he will be "much more ready" to make a presidential run of his own in 2016.  So he apparently doesn't have much faith that Romney is actually going to win and be the incumbent in 2016. Politico says Republican politicians increasingly have little interest in fighting against marriage equality. The same cannot be said for the Religious Right of course, as Richard Land declares that "the agenda of the homosexual community is to have their lifestyle and... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/30/2012, 4:30pm
The Family Research Council is predictably enraged that gay rights advocates are encouraging businesses and organizations not to partner with a t-shirt company that refused to print t-shirts for a pride festival, since “homosexuals will not be satisfied until they compel us to either spread their perversion or promote it”: A Kentucky company called "Hands On" wishes liberals would keep their "hands off!" On Monday, homosexuals filed a complaint with the Lexington Human Rights Commission because the business turned down a request to print t-shirts for a gay... MORE
Josh Glasstetter, Friday 03/30/2012, 2:51pm
Tomorrow morning in Waukesha, WI, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum, among others (Gov. Scott Walker is listed as an invited speaker), will rally with corrupt former lobbyist Ralph Reed and the state chapter of his Faith & Freedom Coalition, which Reed created to rehabilitate his image in the wake of his deep involvement in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. Here are the event details: It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Presidential Kick-Off, sponsored by the Wisconsin Faith & Freedom Coalition, to be held at the Country Springs Hotel on... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/30/2012, 1:54pm
A few weeks ago, Randall Terry was riding high after his "victory" over President Obama in the Oklahoma Democratic Primary and wanted everyone to know it, though his "victory" was short-lived, as it was determined that he would not actually be awarded any delegates because his campaign failed to fill out the proper paperwork. Nevertheless, Terry proclaims that his showing in Oklahoma proves that anti-abortion Democrats and swing state voters have turned against President Obama and so he vows to continue his Potemkin presidential campaign and has now turned his... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/30/2012, 11:55am
American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer, after warning that “Imam Obama” is imposing “secular Sharia” by “fatwa,” specifically against Rush Limbaugh, has now discovered the “Ten Commandments of Secular Sharia,” as written by the “secular imams at the ACLU.” Unsurprisingly the commandments deal with the supposed persecution of Christians and advancement of Islam, environmentalism, “the lazy, shiftless and irresponsible” poor, “the homosexual agenda” and even “polygamy and pedophilia.”... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/30/2012, 10:42am
Last year, Gary Cass of the ironically named Christian Anti-Defamation Commission announced that his organization would be releasing monthly videos leading up to the 2012 election laying out ten "irrefutable proofs that Barack Obama is NOT a Christian!" Today, Cass released the third video in this series, explaining that Obama is not a Christian because he only converted to Christianity because he believed "it supported his radical Marxist values." Obama, Cass asserts, embraces and promotes "heretical, Marxist, black liberation theology"  which teaches... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/30/2012, 10:20am
Mission America president Linda Harvey today lambasted the Obama administration’s support for gay rights and recent move to require contraceptives coverage by insurance plans, urging listeners to pray for President Obama to repent “because his insulting rebellion in the face of God is breathtaking.” She warned that while “a godless dictator and his minions do not rule this country yet,” Obama is attacking liberty and religion in order to promote “abortion and homosexuality.” Far from apologizing or changing his mind or respecting both our faith and... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 03/29/2012, 4:52pm
Michael B. Keegan @ Huffington Post: American Apartheid? The Republican "Dream" Scheme. Sahil Kapur @ TPM: Scalia Echoes GOP Buzzwords Against ‘Obamacare.’ Towleroad: Julian Bond On NOM Memos: 'One Of The Most Cynical Things I've Ever Heard.' Rosie Gray @ BuzzFeed: What Happened To Conservative Teen Magazine? Nick Sementelli @ Bold Faith Type: Chris Matthews Responds to Faithful America Request to Drop Perkins: “You may be right.” MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 03/29/2012, 4:41pm
The fact that conservative darling Marco Rubio has endorsed Mitt Romney would seem to suggest that the GOP Primary is close to being decided. But that is not how Pastor Steven Andrew sees it: "Rick Santorum is from God and will win with Christians and Catholics uniting for Santorum." FRC says "whether it's a t-shirt company, wedding photographer, or the church, homosexuals will not be satisfied until they compel us to either spread their perversion or promote it." The Media Research Center's Dan Gainor says President Obama is making the... MORE
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