June 2012

Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 5:30pm
NOM is now protesting General Mills, declaring "this is extremely serious! We cannot allow Corporate America throw its weight behind the gay marriage movement!" Janice Crouse says "the only group that has continued to remain pro-choice are those without any religion." Republican members of Congress continue to appear on Bryan Fischer's radio program, as yesterday Rep. Alan Nunnelee actually joined him in studio for an interview. Save California's Randy Thomasson says that "you, your children, your grandchildren, your friends and others you know... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 3:40pm
Over the weekend, Jerry Boykin was interviewed on a radio program out of Bakersfield, California ahead of a scheduled appearance at a local church early next week where he will undoubtedly promote his anti-Islam conspiracy theories. During the interview, Boykin warned that every serious Muslim was determined to enshrine Sharia wherever they lived and that they were making great progress in establishing it in America.  This prompted one of the co-hosts to ask Boykin about Dearborn, Michigan which he claimed was "almost one hundred percent Muslim and operating under Sharia law now,... MORE
Josh Glasstetter, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 3:08pm
Back in April we reported on a suit filed against TBN – the right-wing televangelism powerhouse based in Orange County, California – by Brittany Koper, a granddaughter of TBN founders Paul and Jan Crouch and a former senior executive at the organization. The suit alleged “multiple cover-ups of sexual and criminal scandals,” including a cover-up of a “bloody sexual assault.” A new suit, filed last week by Koper’s 19-year-old sister Carra Crouch, sheds signficant light on the allegation.  Teri Sforza, who has closely covered TBN’s legal woes... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 2:03pm
Just this morning we had a post noting how Eric Metaxas' book "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy" had become a favorite of the Religious Right, largely due to parallels they see between Dietrich Bonhoeffer resistance to the Nazi regime and their own opposition to President Obama and his administration. Now we see that Metaxas and Jennifer Roback Morse of the NOM affiliated Ruth Institute, are featured in a new video from the Acton Institute in which Metaxas declares that, just as Bonhoeffer warned under the Nazis, the time has come for the Church to rise up together... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 1:38pm
Earlier this month, the school board in Erie, Illinois voted to ban the use of materials from the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network's (GLSEN) "Ready, Set, Respect!" lesson program for elementary school students on the grounds that materials like "The Family Book," which states that "some families have two moms or two dads" were inappropriate. And for this decision, the school board is being hailed by Linda Harvey who says that it was "because of nonsense like this" GLSEN lesson program that she got involved in the effort to... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 11:31am
Recently, singer Carrie Underwood revealed her support for marriage equality, while Dick and Lynne Cheney publicly supported the marriage of their gay daughter Mary to her partner and even former anti-gay marriage activist David Blankenhorn announced that he had changed his views. But Janet Mefferd is not impressed, mainly because none of these people have any "reasons" for their views and are unable to provide any "arguments" in favor of them.  Instead, Mefferd claims, they are just citing "regurgitated talking points [that are] continually reinforced by an... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/26/2012, 10:28am
Eric Metaxas has written two books in recent years that have been widely embraced by the Religious Right, largely because the movement sees parallels between the Metaxas' subjects and their own ideological crusades. The first book that caught their attention was the book "Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery" which was widely promoted by the Right as a parallel to their fight against abortion. Then, in 2011, Metaxas released "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy," a biography about German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer who was put... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 06/25/2012, 5:46pm
PFAW: Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona Law is Important but Limited Victory. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: National Council Of La Raza Endorses Marriage Equality. Texas Freedom Network: The Texas Republican Party Platform: A Biennial Exercise in Extremism. Dru Sefton @ Current: Alabama firings expose rift over PTV mission, editorial standards. Carrie @ Friendly Atheist: ‘Biblical Christian’ Denies Reception Hall Rental to Lesbian Couple. Charles Johnson @ LGF: Jewish Federation of LA Pulls the Plug on Pamela Geller Hatefest. Warren... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 06/25/2012, 5:37pm
Lou Engle and The Call are returning to California in September For "a gathering focused on the great Hispanic peoples of California [because] God gave us a word that California would be a pro-life state." Randy Thomasson of SaveCalifornia.com says gay pride events "are harmful because they advocate for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender rights. These are false rights that trample the conscience rights of anyone who disagrees." NOM has endorsed former Judicial Confirmation Network counsel Wendy Long in her race to challenge Sen Kirsten Gillibrand. Why... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Monday 06/25/2012, 5:27pm
Last Friday’s edition of the exercise in narcissism that is the “Newt and Callista Weekly Recap” email from Gingrich Productions included what may be a strange Freudian slip.  The email linked to a wildly over-the-top column in Human Events in which Newt referred to President Obama’s decision to temporarily halt deportations of some young undocumented immigrants as a “dictatorial action” that historians might one day consider “the day the Constitution died.”   As part of his fulminations, Newt declared, “Now, in one bold... MORE
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