June 2012

Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 06/21/2012, 9:24am
As we noted the other day, Frank Gaffney is the featured guest all this week on Rick Joyner's "Prophetic Perspective on Current Events" programs where he is explaining how the Muslim Brotherhood is engaged in a conspiracy to "keep us stupid" about the way in which Sharia is taking over America. On Tuesday, Gaffney expanded further on this idea, declaring that the Muslim Brotherhood was waging "pre-violent" jihad against America by systematically infiltrating the nation's churches, courts, and even our capital markets, all as part of a "civilization jihad... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 4:43pm
PFAW: PFAW Condemns House Oversight Committee’s Political Witch Hunt. Ryan Lenz @ Hatewatch: Former Congressman Tancredo to Address White Supremacists. Rosie Gray @ BuzzFeed: Catholic League President: "Jews Had Better Not Make Enemies Of Their Catholic Friends." Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Ken Bennett should have quit while he was behind. Hemant Mehta @ The Friendly Atheist: Rick Warren Tells Staff Not to Follow Atheists on Twitter. Alex Alvarez @ Mediaite: Radio Host Barbara Espinosa Stands By Calling Barack Obama ‘A Monkey.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 4:32pm
The Florida Family Association is targeting James Turley, the board member of the Boy Scouts who opposes the organization's ban on gay scout leaders, and urging him to resign. A "peaceful, positive, patriotic 'Flash Mob'" will "Picket-&-Pray" outside the National Education Association's upcoming convention. GOProud has bravely endorsed Mitt Romney. Concerned Women for America has launched a six-state, $6 million ad campaign attacking President Obama over healthcare reform. Herman Cain says the Obama administration is doing everything it can... MORE
Omar, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 3:52pm
Last month, we reported on Family Research Institute chairman Paul Cameron’s appearance on Voice of Christian Youth America’s flagship show Crosstalk, where he suggested that President Obama might be gay after he endorsed marriage equality. On Monday, Crosstalk host and VCY America founder Vic Eliason doubled down on the accusation, citing reports “on YouTube of people who claimed to have engaged in this type of behavior with the President of the United States.” While criticizing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s Gay Pride Month message, Eliason warned that... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 3:05pm
Back in 2010, Kyle noted that the American Center for Law and Justice was organizing a campaign to stop the construction of the Park 51 Islamic Community Center near Ground Zero while simultaneously championing the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, which they praised for making sure that never again will “our nation's houses of faith have their freedom to worship where and how they choose violated by ignorant or hostile zoning officials.” Now it appears that Pamela Geller, who worked alongside ACLJ executive director Jordan Sekulow against the establishment of... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 1:50pm
The failure of her alarming predictions about the consequences of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to materialize hasn’t stopped Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness from railing against gay rights in the military, and now Donnelly is taking Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to task for delivering an “entirely inappropriate” Gay Pride Month message to service members. Donnelly, who supports the ban on gays in the military, accused the LGBT community of trying to “make other people feel like they are not welcome” in an interview yesterday... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 12:58pm
On Monday's program, Bryan Fischer dedicated a segment to reading and discussing a recent Maureen Down column on the Jerry Sandusky trial which prompted Fischer to longingly look back to previous generations when "our entire society said the same thing about homosexual behavior that we still say about pedophilia."  Not too long ago, Fischer said, homosexuality was called "the infamous crime against nature" and everyone looked upon it as we look upon pedophilia today.  But, he lamented, that is no longer the case, which is proof that this nation needs to reaffirm... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 11:15am
Back in April, Samuel Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber, told Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody that he knows “God’s on my side” in his fight against Obama’s “socialist” and “anti-American” presidency. The GOP nominee for Ohio’s 9th congressional district, who is focusing his campaign on the supposed connection between gun control policies and the Holocaust, sat down with Brody for a second time today on the 700 Club and shared the story of his conversion to Christianity at a Frisch’s Big Boy. Wurzelbacher explained... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 10:20am
All year, Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission has been releasing monthly videos laying out "irrefutable proofs that Barack Obama is NOT a Christian!" Today the CADC released its latest video focusing on Obama's support for gay rights, claiming that he has "recently come out of the closet" in support of marriage equality and thus "has revealed his true anti-Christian colors."  But Cass is particularly upset by the way Obama "invokes Christ to try and justify his anti-Christ position" because "the Bible is very clear about... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 9:32am
Last night, the Family Research Council hosted a webcast entitled "Two Weeks for Freedom: Catholics and Evangelicals Together for Freedom" that was billed as kicking off "a two week period of nationwide prayer and action in support of religious liberty" by mobilizing conservative Christians to oppose the Obama administration's contraception mandate. The first guest on the program was Mike Huckabee, who declared that it was become clear that "this administration is not just indifferent to people of faith, it's hostile" and warning that if all Christians don't... MORE
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