June 2012

Brian Tashman, Wednesday 06/20/2012, 10:20am
Evangelist Bill Keller is telling people to write in Jesus on the ballot in November, arguing that Christians can’t support President Obama, whom he claims is a “true tool of satan,” or Mitt Romney because he is a Mormon. As of today, Keller claims over 126,000 people have committed to “write in the name of Jesus for President”: President Obama has proven by his words and deeds to be a true enemy of God as detailed in James 4:4. He has been the most pro-death President in history, supporting the legalized slaughter of innocent babies here and around the world,... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 5:47pm
Marge Baker @ The Huffington Post: GOP Tired of Obstructing Judges, Pledges to Stop Working on them Altogether. Good As You: Game on, Tony Perkins! FRC leader attempts to smear me, draws more attention to his own smears. Think Progress: Joe The Plumber: Gun Control Caused The Holocaust. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: That's not 'how government works.' Dan @ TFN Insider: Facts Remain Elusive for ‘Historian’ David Barton. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 5:38pm
James O'Keefe offers some sage advice to right-wing hack guerrilla wannabes: "Don't get caught." Apparently the movie "The Blind Side" is too inappropriate for stores owned by the Southern Baptist Convention. FRC calls Mark Regnerus' bogus study "the most careful, rigorous, and methodologically sound study ever conducted on this issue." Speaking of FRC, the organization will be hosting a "Pledge of Allegiance simulcast" featuring none other than Kirk Cameron. We can't wait! Finally, Sen. Marco Rubio will be appearing on... MORE
Josh Glasstetter, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 5:11pm
At last week’s BookExpo America in New York, birther extraordinaire and WorldNetDaily editor-in-chief Joseph Farah caught up with Obama impersonator “FauxBama” and pressed him on his birth certificate and college transcripts. FauxBama, it must be said, was slightly more believable as Obama than Farah was as a journalist:    Before he landed his big FauxBama interview last week, Farah was best known for breaking a series of stories about things that never happened, like Obama’s birth in Mombasa, Kenya. Additionally, he uncovered Obama’s war with God,... MORE
Josh Glasstetter, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 4:18pm
Last week we told you about an excellent profile of Bryan Fischer in the New Yorker and Fischer’s predictably over-the-top and inaccurate attacks on the article and author, Jane Mayer. In the wake of those attacks, Mayer has posted a follow-up blog post, “Have Not Love: How Bryan Fischer Turned on a Friend,” that sets the record straight and explores the twisted family values of Fischer, a so-called family values advocate:  As I worked on my profile of the influential conservative radio-host Bryan Fischer, I was struck by the difference between the “pro-family... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 3:57pm
We have been noticing in recent months that David Barton has developed a new series of talking points claiming not merely that various governmental and social institution were inspired by the Bible, but that specific provisions of the Constitution were taken verbatim from the Bible. This entire idea hinges on Barton's assertion that the Founding Fathers and their entire generation were so well-versed in the Bible that their writings and speeches were filled with language and imagery that didn't even have to be attributed to the Bible because it was already obvious to everyone what they were... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 3:15pm
Preaching at The Call: Virginia last month, Lou Engle insisted that “the homosexual agenda can be broken.” If not, he warned, America may be doomed. Engle, who promoted the prayer rally by calling on attendees to channel Confederate generals to “restrain” the demonic powers behind the “homosexual agenda,” said that they can succeed “not because of our boastfulness or our greatness, but because of our repentance, because of a great revival and maybe even a great shaking and judgment that brings us to rubble so we finally get desperate enough to return... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 1:00pm
Conservative radio host and Romney-critic Steve Deace has been hosting a number of right-wing activists who have hit Romney, mainly due to his Mormon faith. But his latest guest says that his problem with Romney is not his religion but that he is “more destructive than Barack Obama.” Rev. Bob Enyart of Colorado Right to Life told Deace that after documenting Romney’s many inconsistencies on the issue of abortion rights, he found him to be worse than Obama “because he gets Republicans and conservatives and Christians to justify everything he’s done.”... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 12:05pm
Joel Rosenberg, an End Times fanatic who believes God is using the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and natural disasters to “wake up” America, appeared on the 700 Club today where he told televangelist Pat Robertson that legal abortion in the U.S., which he said is worse than the Holocaust, is bringing about the judgment of God and the End Times. Rosenberg explained that for not criminalizing abortion God will “remove His hand or actively give us judgment,” and consequently America will begin “declining or imploding” and the turmoil in the Mideast will... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 06/19/2012, 11:56am
Last week, Rick Joyner dedicated all of his "Prophetic Perspective on Current Events" programs to discussing conspiracy theories about how the Muslim Brotherhood is working to take over America with Jerry Boykin. This week Joyner is welcoming Frank Gaffney for a series of programs ... dedicated to discussing conspiracy theories about how the Muslim Brotherhood is working to take over America. As Gaffney explained, the American people have "been subjected to a very disciplined, long-term, systematic effort" to condition us to tolerate and accommodate Sharia and we don't... MORE
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