June 2012

Kyle Mantyla, Friday 06/15/2012, 1:11pm
Most of the speakers and panels at today's Faith & Freedom Conference and Strategy Briefing were disappointingly dull, but Ralph Reed wisely scheduled Glenn Beck to close out the afternoon program by delivering just the sort of tear-filled, impassioned speech that only Glenn Beck can provide.  During his speech, Beck declared repeatedly that "I have seen the finger of God" and assured the audience that miracles are coming ... but only if we turn back to God , warning that if we don't God "is going to withdraw his protection" over this nation:  MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 06/15/2012, 12:00pm
Celebrating his success in putting Washington’s marriage equality law up to a popular referendum, Joseph Backholm of Preserve Marriage Washington and the Family Policy Institute of Washington once again appeared on The Janet Mefferd Show and told her that he is confident of winning in November because the case for same-sex marriage, he claims, doesn’t rely on logic. Instead, Blackholm said that unlike anti-gay activists, proponents of marriage equality depend on demonizing the opposition and “emotional manipulation” to win support. Backholm: The narrative on the... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 06/15/2012, 10:30am
Southern Baptist preacher Dwight McKissic, who has described the gay rights movement as “satanic” and even asserted that the Antichrist will be gay, was so distraught over President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality that he likened it to the September 11 terrorist attacks and Hurricane Katrina: President Obama has betrayed the Bible and the Black Church with his endorsement of same-sex marriage. The Bible is crystal clear on this subject, and the Black Church strongly opposes same-sex marriage. His endorsement is an inadvertent attack on the Christian Faith. America... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 06/15/2012, 9:57am
The other day we posted a clip of AFA's Buster Wilson musing about whether the recent repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell might be playing some role in the rise in suicides among members of the Armed Services. After we posted the video, Evan Hurst at Truth Wins Out picked it up and posted on their blog as well and his post caught the attention of Wilson, who then showed up in the comments to accuse them of deceptively editing the video and defend his remarks, which then set off a long debate in the comments. Yesterday, Bryan Fisher cited the debate between Wilson and the folks over at TWO as... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 06/15/2012, 9:55am
Jim Martin of the pro-corporate, Koch Brothers-funded 60 Plus Association, which claims to be the conservative alternative to the AARP, told attendees at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Washington D.C. summit today that if lying was a crime, President Obama would be in jail. “Candidate Obama said we won’t deal with lobbyists, we’ll be open, we’ll be out front, we’ll be transparent,” Martin said in reference to the negotiations over the health care reform law. “Look, if lying were a federal or criminal offense, then the President of the United... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 06/14/2012, 4:46pm
Jane Mayer @ The New Yorker: Bully Pulpit: An evangelist talk-show host’s campaign to control the Republican Party. Towleroad: AFA Claims JC Penney Is Blocking Their Anti-Gay Emails. Nick Sementelli @ Bold Faith Type: Catholic Bishop Repeats Right-Wing Smear About Islam in Health Care Law. Zeke Miller @ BuzzFeed: GOP Group's Ad: Bomb Iran. Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: Mitt Romney: The Devil's Dictionary. Warren Throckmorton: Did we refer to original sources in Getting Jefferson Right? MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 06/14/2012, 4:37pm
It is no surprise that both Bryan Fischer and Peter LaBarbera are big fans of Mark Regnerus' deeply flawed anti-gay study. On a related note, FRC's latest prayer targets likewise support the study: "May this study find wide acceptance and help bring clarity to a confused scientific world, and be the first of many more in-depth studies that will demonstrate what we already know from the eternal truths of Scripture." NOM's latest press release proclaims that "General Mills Declares War on Marriage with Its Own Customers." Gary Bauer warns that... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 06/14/2012, 4:20pm
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-TX) today spoke to the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and the American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon about the sale of bibles in LifeWay stores, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. The stores were selling Bibles with the emblems of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps. However, the store’s permission to use such trademarks “was revoked when the military revamped its trademark licensing regulations in 2011.” A LifeWay spokesman told Fox News that “after selling existing inventory of those bibles, B... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 06/14/2012, 3:00pm
The anti-LGBT Florida Family Association has long attacked Degrassi for trying to have teenagers “embrace and accept the transgender or homosexual lifestyle,” and is now declaring victory for having convinced at least one company to publicly state it will not advertise on the show: Kelloggs. David Caton of the FFA, who says that Degrassi promotes “very bizarre sexual role-playing with transvestism, homosexuality” and “is probably one of the worst shows that we’ve ever seen,” posted an email that appears to come from a Kellogg’s spokesman... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Thursday 06/14/2012, 2:53pm
Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition kicked off its 2012 conference with a splashy show of the Reed’s political muscle in the form of three U.S. Senators.  Rob Portman of Ohio, Jim DeMint of South Carolina, and Marco Rubio of Florida all delivered speeches that reflect Reed’s goal for 2012 and beyond: merging the messages and organizing energies of the overlapping Tea Party and Religious Right movements to elect conservative Republicans. “American exceptionalism” was a major theme of the day – defined generally as America being uniquely blessed by... MORE
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