July 2012

Brian Tashman, Monday 07/23/2012, 2:35pm
It was only a matter of time before Michele Bachmann’s allies tried to play the victim following the backlash against her latest conspiratorial witch hunt, this time focusing on Muslim-Americans serving in the Obama administration. Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy, who helped launch the attacks on Sec. Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin and whose report Bachmann and four other Republican members cite in their letters to the inspectors general, spoke today with David Bossie of the right-wing group Citizens United to defend the witch hunt. Bossie said that Bachmann... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/23/2012, 2:07pm
On AFA's "Today's Issues" program this morning, host Tim Wildmon interviewed Phyllis Schlafly about her new book "No Higher Power: Obama's War on Religious Freedom," which seems to basically be a catalog of the Religious Right's various complaints and allegations about President Obama's supposed hatred of Christianity and Christian values. During the discussion, Schlafly and Wildmon falsely claimed that Obama removed the word "Creator" whenever he quotes from the Declaration of Independence and that he was the only President in history not to celebrate the... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 07/23/2012, 1:30pm
Jerry Boykin talked about his new job as the executive vice president of the Family Research Council with FRC president Tony Perkins on Friday’s Washington Watch Weekly, where he said he will work to stop the Obama administration’s plans to “to penetrate this last bastion of morality and ethics, and that being the institution of the military, with its social experiments.” “If we allow the penetration of our military to continue,” Boykin added, “not only will our national security suffer but our culture as a whole will be in great jeopardy.”... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/23/2012, 12:29pm
A few weeks ago, we wrote a post featuring a video of Bryan Fischer rewriting American history in order to claim that the American Revolution was not a "rebellion" because, according to the Bible, all governing authorities have been established by God and therefore rebellion against them is rebellion against God. We should have known that this idea originated with David Barton, who discussed it on "WallBuilders Live" today, claiming that the American Revolution was actually "obedience to God": Barton: A lot of people get lost over the American Revolution, they... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 07/23/2012, 11:45am
On his daily radio bulletin, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins joined other Religious Right activists in condemning Google for its Legalize Love campaign to advocate against laws criminalizing homosexuality. “Thanks to a new campaign, Google's approach to traditional values is to search—and destroy,” Perkins said, and later baselessly claimed that companies which favor gay rights “take a financial hit” and warned that Google “shouldn’t be surprised by the blow back” for its decision. After defending countries that criminalize... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 07/23/2012, 10:45am
According to the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios, the 2010 health care reform law may be “the beginning of dhimmitude.” Rios, who spent much of her Friday radio program defending Michele Bachmann’s remarks on her show about Muslim Brotherhood “deep penetration” of the US government, warned that Muslims intend to “overpopulate and overtake” communities in order to establish “dhimmitude.” After discussing a tax that Christians and Jews could pay to receive protection and religious autonomy under Muslim rule, Rios claimed that... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/23/2012, 10:09am
On today's installment of Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom" radio program, Shawn Akers was discussing a recent 4th Circuit Court decision upholding a South Carolina law that allows students to receive elective credits for taking off-campus religious education classes. The case involved a lawsuit filed against a Spartanburg school district, which was interesting to Akers because it supposedly highlighted the difference between the worldview of the Founding Fathers and that held by the warriors of ancient Sparta:  You see these two worldviews colliding. One is the... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 07/20/2012, 4:50pm
PFAW: PFAW Calls Out Chick-fil-A’s Hypocrisy. Ali Gharib @ Think Progress: State And Homeland Security Departments Won’t Investigate Bachmann’s Islamophobic Allegations. Rebecca Elliott @ BuzzFeed: 7 Conservatives Who Denounced Michele Bachmann This Week. David Neiwert @ Crooks and Liars: Iowa Republican Candidate Goes 'Sovereign', Declares Self a Senator. Jennifer Bendery @ Huffington Post: Louie Gohmert: Aurora Shootings Result Of 'Ongoing Attacks On Judeo-Christian Beliefs.' Wayne Besen @ Truth Wins Out: Love Lost Out: Sources Say That... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 07/20/2012, 4:40pm
Gary Glenn, president of the American Family Association in Michigan, has ended his campaign for the GOP Senate nomination. Gary Bauer weighs in on the tragic Colorado shooting to say "the left-wing media are so desperate to smear the Tea Party that they don’t think twice about throwing out baseless accusations." Rep. Joe Pitts takes to the pages of the Family Research Council's blog to pen a defense of Chick-Fil-A. It looks like Glenn Beck is organizing an entire week of boring events tied to his upcoming "Restoring Love" spectacle.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 07/20/2012, 4:26pm
Flip Benham of Operation Save America has decided to join the cavalcade of blame being unleashed by the Religious Right over the tragic mass shooting in Colorado last night, declaring that the suspect is "an Occupy Wall Street guy" who is "the spawn of the ideology of the Democratic Party:"  James Holmes, an Occupy Wall Street guy, murdered 14 and wounded 50+ at a midnight showing of the Batman movie that portrayed OWS'ers in a bad light. Perhaps there is a motive here. Twenty four years old and filled with the culture of death! When we sow bloodshed in the womb we... MORE
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