July 2012

Peter Montgomery, Friday 07/20/2012, 8:33am
Conservatives of all stripes have indignantly cried “class warfare” in response to the Obama administration’s call for increased taxes on the richest Americans. They’ve denounced criticisms of Mitt Romney’s stealthy, wealthy approach to banking and taxes as anti-capitalist and un-American. They charge that liberals concerned about growing economic inequality are unfairly stoking resentment against successful people. Will the same conservatives now denounce a dangerously socialist-sounding fundraising email from the National Organization for... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/19/2012, 4:40pm
PFAW: Gridlock or Bust: How the Senate GOP Has Abandoned Its Own Nominees for the Sake of Obstruction. Peter Montgomery @ AlterNet: Romney Meets With Leader of Radical Christian Group, Despite Extremism Exposed By Their New Hire. Good As You: NOM unveils its new Corporate Hypocrisy Project. Judd Legum @ Think Progress: George Zimmerman Says He Wouldn’t Do Anything Differently: ‘It Was God’s Plan’ For Me To Kill Trayvon Martin. Chelsea Rudman @ Media Matters: James O'Keefe Fails To Find A Scandal, Union And Public Works Edition. Kevin... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/19/2012, 4:35pm
The case of the man accused of helping Lisa Miller flee the country with her kidnapped daughter is scheduled to start next month. Mitt Romney's new attack on President Obama wins "4 Pinocchios" from The Fact Checker. This entire Liberty Counsel claim about a third grader being harassed by an anti-Christian teacher just smacks of Religious Right mythology. Focus on the Family's Glenn Stanton assures us that Mark Regnerus' anti-gay study is wholly reliable based entirely on the fact that "I've read his study." Vonette Bright, Shirley Dobson, Penny... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/19/2012, 4:25pm
The one-man outrage outlet better known as the Florida Family Association is up in arms over a new partnership between Office Depot and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, including a $1 million donation. The FFA, led by David Caton, is demanding that Office Depot rescind the donation since Gaga’s Born This Way message, which isn’t so much a claim about sexuality as a celebration of individuality, is sending an “irresponsible message to many teens who would have eventually chose to be straight.” “Thousands of kids who might have otherwise worked through... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/19/2012, 2:40pm
After taking on Ryan Murphy’s show Glee, now the American Family Association’s subgroup One Million Moms is going after a new show Murphy is producing, The New Normal. OMM blasts the show, a comedy about a gay couple and their surrogate, for “using public airwaves to continue to subject families to the decay of morals and values” and promoting content that is “harmful to our society” and “damaging to our culture.” They ask members to email NBC, threatening to contact the show’s sponsors (even though it hasn’t even aired yet) and... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/19/2012, 2:15pm
Last month we reported on a suspicious move by the Alabama Educational Television Commission, which oversees Alabama Public Television, to fire two television managers potentially over a disagreement on airing a series produced by right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton. It appeared that the two managers did not feel comfortable airing Barton’s discredited and partisan “history” material, which was pushed on them by a local Republican official and member of the commission. Allan Pizatto, who along with fellow manager Pauline Howland was fired by the commission, has now... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/19/2012, 12:45pm
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s witch hunt against Muslim-Americans working in government, specifically Hillary Clinton’s deputy chief of staff Huma Abedin, has been denounced by not only Democrats like Keith Ellison but also top Republicans such as John McCain, John Boehner, Marco Rubio, Scott Brown and even her former campaign manager. But at least Bachmann still has support from Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips, who said in an email to members today that “John McCain needs to sit down and shut up.” Phillips also claimed while “Islam is our enemy”... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/19/2012, 11:35am
Fresh after losing his lawsuit against Rachel Maddow and facing an order to pay her legal fees, rocker and right-wing activist Bradlee Dean spoke to talk show host Steve Deace this week, where Dean alleged that God is judging America for the crimes of an immoral minority and that “less than 1.7 percent of the people are the ones that are responsible for all the bad things going on in this country.” Dean did not say who constitutes the 1.7 percent, but he may be referring to a survey finding that 1.7 percent of Americans identify as gay or lesbian. Dean: If God will establish... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/19/2012, 9:20am
The Public Advocate, the fervently anti-gay group led by Virginia politician Eugene Delgaudio, devised a protest song, complete with references to Jerry Sandusky and child abuse, to condemn Ernst & Young CEO James Turley’s attempt to overturn the Boy Scouts of America’s ban on gay members, a ban that was recently reaffirmed. Enjoy! We've heard about dear Turley's plan, And we're here to say, It's sad that such a senseless man Is with the B.S.A! Morally, Morally, That's the way we like. Do not touch our girls and boys, Just go take a hike. We have seen just what can come... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/19/2012, 8:19am
A few months ago, David Barton and Rick Green invited early Mitt Romney supporter Jordan Sekulow onto their "WallBuilders Live" program to make the case why Religious Right votes can and should be excited about supporting Romney in the general election.  Sekulow made the case that Romney would nominate good judges, especially to the Supreme Court , and while that certainly appealed to Barton and Green, the fact of the matter is that regardless of how unexcited they might be about a candidate like Romney, their vehement opposition to President Obama meant that they were... MORE
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