August 2012

Brian Tashman, Friday 08/31/2012, 4:45pm
PFAW: African American Ministers Leadership Council Applauds Restoration of Early Voting Rights in Ohio. Igor Volsky and Pat Garofalo @ Think Progress: 9 Important Omissions from Romney’s Convention Speech. Simon Maloy @ Media Matters: A Fistful of Delusion. Wonkette: Michele Bachmann’s Compelling Logic: Obama is ‘Extremely Wealth’ so Vote Romney. Warren Throckmorton: Christian Reconstructionist Takes David Barton to Task for Faulty History in The Jefferson Lies. MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 08/31/2012, 4:30pm
Todd Akin and Bryan Fischer sing each other’s praises in their latest interview together. Meanwhile, Karl Rove jokes about murdering Akin, and now Government Is Not God PAC wants Mitt Romney to “publicly demand that he apologize” or “disassociate himself” from Rove. Evangelist Bill Keller laments that “Republicans pray to Satan at the GOP convention.” Anti-gay activist at the World Congress of Families blasts the San Francisco 49ers for making an “It Gets Better” video. The Media Research Center is quite upset... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 08/31/2012, 4:05pm
Pastor Kevin Swanson of the Colorado-based Generations Radio took a break from ranting against gays and the Muppets yesterday when speaking to Les Riley, the secessionist who led the unsuccessful Personhood Mississippi campaign. Riley and Swanson said that Americans did not do a very good job repenting following the Aurora shooting massacre or the September 11 attacks. “We see the Muslims killing our people and so we elect a Muslim,” Swanson lamented. “Seems to me like we’re not turning back to the true and living God here, are we?” Riley: I was in Aurora a few... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 08/31/2012, 2:25pm
Kansas Secretary of State and SB 1070 architect Kris Kobach spoke to Janet Mefferd today about a new lawsuit contesting the recent executive order blocking deportation of some younger undocumented immigrants. According to the executive order, young undocumented immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children can apply for “deferred action,” giving them protection from deportation, as long as they have no criminal background and either have served in the military or received a high school diploma or GED. Kobach told Mefferd that the “shocking” decision has no... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Friday 08/31/2012, 12:30pm
Cross-posted at AlterNet The power center that Dick Armey and FreedomWorks have been aggressively building in the U.S. Senate around reigning extremist Jim DeMint will almost certainly welcome Ted Cruz in January. The Republican convention gave most Americans their first look at Cruz, who has become a Tea Party folk hero after crushing the establishment candidate, Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, in a bitterly contested primary. Ted Cruz loves to portray his victory as an upwelling from the grassroots, as he did during his Tuesday night speech from the platform. “I have the honor of... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 08/31/2012, 11:55am
During the presidential campaign, Rick Perry was one of the first candidates to embrace the theme that Obama is waging a “war on religion,” a message that was quickly embraced by Mitt Romney. As Perry ponders another run for the presidency, he told Family Research Council head Tony Perkins on today’s Washington Watch Weekly that he believes President Obama thinks he was elected “King” and is leading a “clear attack on people of faith”. How? Perry cited the contraception mandate, the Department of Justice’s stance in the Hosanna Tabor case, where... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 08/31/2012, 10:30am
Mission America’s Linda Harvey today on her radio program warned Christians to “keep their kids away” from comic books because they have now succumbed to the “ever-present gay agenda.” After reading a blog post by Christian writer Danzil Monk, Harvey said that comics like the Green Lantern and X-Men are now part of the “homosexual agenda” and promoting “lies in our culture.” I grew up reading comic books. I was a huge Archie and Veronica fan so when I learned that Archie was rolling out a gay character I felt like part of my childhood... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 08/30/2012, 5:04pm
Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Paul Ryan stands on a foundation of lies. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Catholic newspaper scrubs interview after priest says children are ‘seducers.’ Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: Meet the Right-Wing Historian Who Helped Draft the GOP Platform. Bruce Wilson @ Talk To Action: GOP Convention Blessed By New Apostolic Reformation Leader Samuel Rodriguez. Warren Throckmorton: Did Thomas Jefferson Fund the Thompson Hot-Pressed Bible or Simply Buy One? MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 08/30/2012, 5:02pm
Do you want to take a "Monumental" cruise with Kirk Cameron and Gary DeMar? Of course you do! Longtime Newt Gingrich aide Rick Tyler is reportedly joining Todd Akin’s Senate campaign. The University of Texas at Austin has announced that "no formal investigation is warranted into the allegations of scientific misconduct lodged against associate professor Mark Regnerus" for his anti-gay parents study. FRC prays that God will "prevent the advance of evil in any national party or platform. May He intervene to advance good and... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 08/30/2012, 4:45pm
In an interview with CBS News on Monday, Mitt Romney said he disagreed with his own party’s support for criminalizing abortion without exceptions: “My position has been clear throughout this campaign; I’m in favor of abortion being legal in the case of rape and incest, and the health and life of the mother.” Of course, Romney’s position on the legality of abortion has been anything but clear. Now his campaign denies that he supports allowing abortion when a woman’s health is in jeopardy, as he told reporter Scott Pelley. Instead, they say he only supports... MORE
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